Fly Fishing Feature Friday III

//Fly Fishing Feature Friday III

Fly Fishing Feature Friday III

Fly Fishing Feature Friday III

Fly Fishing Feature Friday III: What a great week, a week of fly fishing fun even if it was living vicariously through the F3T. A word of thanks today, goes out to the crew of F3T, and Backwater Fly of OKC ladies and gents that made it possible. A night of good fun was had for all in attendance with some great hosts, wet drinks, super raffles, good laughs with good friends. How apropos for a week when that ends with Good Friday.  A fine atmosphere for a bunch of strangers to come together for some amazing and I cant stress the amazing part enough videography and cinematography. Sitting in the front row I usually never do, however tonight as the room filled to capacity I’m glad I made that choice. One of the first films set the pace in the Jungle where when the local people hunted for the El Dorado, who’s golden sheen and majestic beauty was not just a trip, but was a right of passage. There were many times through the evening, with cold Sam Adams in hand, I forgot I was sitting in the chair, and not on the inflatable drift boat in Patagonia hunting for the elusive giant browns , or standing on the pristine flats popping GT’s off the coast of Madagascar where you can see nothing but beauty in front of you. It was in the chairs we sat watching the fellas from Geobass take the mighty Arapaima on a fly (Folks these fish are 100+ pounds) in a river in Africa, and we juxtaposed that in a lighthearted film the Scandinavian Way where he was just happy to catch anything.  I realized it was all a common theme, life, and getting out and doing something, anything, just getting out and doing it.

I had been listening to the Pod Cast again of Jay Johnson on the way to meet my brother in law who went to the film fest with me. We were meeting for a quick bite and as I listened to Jay, his stories of how and what brought him to fly fishing and to life he made he hinted at what tonight’s theme would be. How a kid from a group home break the chains follow his passion and create his dream on the fly (pun intended). His latest ventures, Pig Farm Ink, along side the Geobass and Geofish series was all about getting out and spreading a message. And while spreading that message to “Get Outside”. Doing something, anything, and getting outside and realize that its right in front you. You don’t have to go to South America to fly fish, to see beauty, just go outside. That’s when he and my brother in law who has never really fly fished and was worried that he might stick out in the group as “that guy”, touched on the nights theme. Jay talked about if you when you die you never stood for anything, then you never lived and you’ve just consumed. But its not everyone’s fault as they hadn’t been told, or shown what to care for, that if they would just get outside, they would then inherently care for and take heed of something they knew nothing about, the environment.

While hammering back a few slices of some wild artisan pizza before the film my brother in law who had just returned the day before from a mission trip to Central America. He was kind enough to except my invite though probably exhausted and was willing to go spend a night to watch something he has never done. As we hurriedly ate our dinner we dove into some great talks, those kind of talks in which there are no predisposed theory’s or walls or boundaries, that Ive always enjoyed with him. While it wasn’t fly fishing it carried the same theme as Jays. He was traveling, talking to people, speaking about things maybe some had never heard of. And just like Jays message how could they come to know, or be at fault for not caring about or for something no one ever took the time to tell them in the first place. My brother in law didn’t grow up in a group home in Seattle, he had what you would call a normal life, yet he and Jay spoke the same message, but in a different soul speak. Both guys spreading a message, one everyone needs to hear. Both guys standing for something, afraid not of what those around them may think, standing up for something, anything and caring for something because someone else took the time to show or tell them and now its their turn to share.

Two cool Dudes in my book, thanks for moment of clarity.



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