Drake Sea Bat Lure in Box

///Drake Sea Bat Lure in Box

Drake Sea Bat Lure in Box

Drake Sea Bat

This Drake Sea Bat lure in the box is circa 1932. This interesting lure has 2 adjustable diving planes on each side affixed via tube. Inside the tube there is a BB that makes the lure turn into a rattle lure. The lure was made by Harry Drake from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I believe the lure was only offered in red and white. The lure has a forward line tie and 2 trailing treble hooks.

As the box states “The new sensational bait for all game fish. Has adjustable fins for shallow or deep fishing. With its unique side to side action and trail of bubble from hollow tube the Sea Bat is a Killer. The Bait Does the Trick. To adjust fins, loosen Brass Screw 1/2 Turn. Set fins as desired and tighten screw lightly. When fins are set in line with the body bait travels near surface. When inclined slightly downward, bait travels at greater depth.”

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