Creek Chub Castrola Lure

///Creek Chub Castrola Lure

Creek Chub Castrola Lure

Creek Chub Castrola Lure

The Creek Chub Castrola Lure is a lure that I’ve always wondered its namesake origin. The lure was given a model series number 3100 by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana. I’ve never figured out why and when looking it up it appears it may be a surname or the name of a cave, but I doubt there is any tie in there. The antique fishing lure, the Castrola, was a wooden, glass eyed lure that measured 3 5/8″ in length and was 3/4 oz. The antique lure was first made in 1927 and was in production for less than 15 years up until 1941. The lure features or imitates a fish swimming forward with its mouth open chasing an attached leader with a small spinner to imitate a bug or a fly. The came in a half a dozen standard colors. 

The Standard Colors that can be found are:

00  Pike Scale (Shown in Gallery Below)

01  Perch (Shown in Gallery Below)

02  Red and White

04  Golden Shiner

08  Rainbow

18  Silver Flash

The Creek Chub Antique Lure catalog states:

“Something new in motion, just like a real live minnow chasing a fly hither and tither up and down sideways; the most erratic, puzzling, teasing motion you ever saw. You cant imagine it until you see it just vary the speed at which you reel now fast, now slow, then a little jerk and the antics this baby cuts will tease the wariest old He-Bass into an excited rush and viscous strike. It is a perfect caster and equally good for trolling.” All for just $0.85 cents

creek chub castrola lure

Creek Chub Castrola Lure

Creek Chub Castrola Lure Gallery

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