Creek Chub Bomber Kreeker

///Creek Chub Bomber Kreeker

Creek Chub Bomber Kreeker

Creek Chub Bomber Kreeker

The Creek Chub Bomber Kreeker shown first in the gallery below was introduced in 1942. The Bomber lure was a series model number 6600 made by Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana. This wooden antique lure is 2 7/8″ in length, and can also be referred to as a Kreeker (After), and Dive Bomber (Prior). In its lifespan of 12 years the lure was made in 6 different cataloged colors (there are non cataloged colors out there as well), and 3 different body sizes.

The antique lure can be found with no eyes or painted eyes, and with 2 treble hooks attached via cup and screw hardware. The finish shown below is the famous victory or V in Morse Code, and no doubt was made in reference to the victory over Hitler and the Japanese of WWII.

As well as the color shown below in the lure gallery, you can find them listed in the following colors.

00   Pike Scale
01   Perch Scale (Shown Below)
02   Red and White
04    Golden Shiner
18   Silver Flash 
29   Victory Finish (Shown Below)

Creek Chub Bomber Kreeker Lure Gallery

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