Bonafide Minnow Antique Lure

///Bonafide Minnow Antique Lure

Bonafide Minnow Antique Lure

Bonafide Minnow Antique Lure

The Bonafide Minnow Antique Lure is timeless classic. The Bonafide lure made by its namesake the Bonafide Manufacturing Company was located out of Plymouth, Michigan. The patent for this metal minnow lure was given on January 15th, of 1907. The patent was divided equally between both Mr. Hiram Passage and Mr. George VanDecar. While many of the early manufactures of fishing tackle utilized wood in their piscatorial creations, this antique fishing lure was a aluminum metal minnow. No need to worry about a bass, or rock or tackle box destroying the paint job on your brand new lure with this creation.

The Bonafide lure was comprised of two concave and convex pieces or halves of aluminum metal fastened together. The artificial bait composed of these two sections created a hollow body or chamber. This allows the user to adjust its buoyancy by filling or emptying the chamber.  The chamber also contained a round spherical weight to help in the matters. The halves were cast in detail both showing the scales, gills and even the eyes of the fish. The eye and gills would have painted added to them however with any amount of use the paint would soon come loose. This 5 treble hook model measures 3 3/4″ in length the rear treble would be feathered. The 3T or 3 treble version in the gallery was roughly 3″ with the number of hooks, and length, being the only differential. The lure features both a front and rear propeller to keep it moving in a straight line upon retrieval. This antique lure is dual purpose, having a hole in its dorsal fin to be used as a fish decoy in ice fishing.

The Bonafide Lure or Bonafide Minnow was shown below in the gallery were the only lures made by this early ought’s lure maker. Either is considered both a prized and a enjoyable addition to any fishing lure collection.

Bonafide Minnow Antique Lure Patent Gallery

Bonafide Lure Photo Gallery

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