Shakespeare Jacksmith Antique Lure

Shakespeare Jacksmith Lure

The Shakespeare Jacksmith lure was Series 6561. The wooden, pressed eye lure was first introduced in the 1930’s by the Shakespeare Bait Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This antique fishing lure  measures 4 1/8″ in length.  It features 3 standard size treble hooks, the rear of which is held on by Shakespeare’s Ball Hanger. The antique fishing lure had a cupped face inset to body which there rested the lures single line tie. As shown in the gallery below the fishing lure featured a unique metal fin or keel underneath of it. This was done no doubt just like in a ship to keep the lures trajectory straight while being retrieved through the water.

There was also a smaller, and rather tough to find,  Jr version produced shown below, a model 6560, called  the Jacksmith Jr. While very similar to it’s bigger brother there are some differences. Most notably the removal of the keel, Im not sure if this was done as the smaller the size the less the wobble on retrieve or to save on cost and materials. The antique Shakespeare Jacksmith Lure was no doubt made to be similar to Heddon’s very successful Basser Lure, the Heddon 8500 series. The lure is most often found in the photo finish scheme.

Shakespeare Jacksmith Lure Gallery

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Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

The Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow is certainly a beauty to behold. It has all the qualities of a classic fishing lure. This wooden antique lure was produced in two different models a 3″, 3 Hook and a 4″ 5 Hook minnow. I was reading a 1904 issue of National Sportsman today and I ran across an add in the back of the magazine for one.

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow

All the record catches in Kalamazoo lakes and rivers were made with this minnow in the 1903 season. Hooks guaranteed not to tangle. Fred D. Rhodes, 116 Bush Street Kalamazoo, Michigan

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Ad Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Ad


“Collector Bill Sonnet dug up this great ad from the 1903 Kalamazoo City Directory”

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Lure 1903 Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Lure 1903

Fred D. Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Lure Patent Papers

Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Patent Rhodes Perfect Casting Minnow Patent

SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 777,488, dated December 13, 1904. Application filed Nove ber 2, 1903. Serial No. 179,521. (No model.)

T0 at whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FRED D. Rnonns, a citizen of the United States, residing at the city of Kalamazoo, county of Kalamazoo, State of Michigan, have invented certain new and use ‘ful Improvements in Fish Baits 0r Lures, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in fish baits or lures.

The objects of this invention are, first, to provide an improved fish bait or lure which is adapted for use as a surface or as a casting bait and also as a deep-water or as a trolling bait; second, to provide an improved fish bait or lure which may be readily adjusted to regulate the depth at which the same shall run in the water; third, to provide an improved fish bait or lure adapted to’maintain its proper upright position in the water; fourth, to provide, in a fish bait or lure, an improved means of securing the hooks in position.

Further objects and objects relating to structural details will definitely appear from the detailed description to follow.

ll accomplish the objects of my invention by the devices and means described in the following specification.

The invention is clearly defined, and pointed out in the claims.

A structure embodying the features of my invention is clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which— Figure 1 is a side elevation view of my improved fish bait or lure. Fig. 2 is a detail transverse sectional view taken on a line corresponding to line 2 2 of Fig. 1 looking in the direction of the little arrows at the ends of the […]

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Shakespeare Pop I Lure

Shakespeare Pop I Lure

The Shakespeare Pop I lure was a series model number 6574, and created by the Shakespeare Bait Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This painted eye, wooden lure, was Shakespeare’s answer to a segment of fisherman wanting to emulate one of natures greatest food supplies for sports fish, the frog. The antique lure was circa 1938, and was 3 5/8″ in length with 2 trailing treble hooks.

The Shakespeare Pop I fishing lure was said to have been a direct competitor to the Creek Chub Plunker lure. The 6574, is the skinniest of the 2 that were offered during that period of time. Shakespeare also offered a 6575 that was a more stocky and beefier version.

Shakespeare Pop I Lure Series 6574

Shakespeare Pop I Series 6575

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