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Tight Lines Tuesday Silver King

Tight Lines Tuesday Silver King

by John Etchieson –

Tight Lines Tuesday Silver King; The “Silver King” and the Schmelzer Arms Company – The first tarpon ever caught with a rod and reel was taken in 1885 by W. H. Wood using bait and a thumb stall reel with linen line on Sanibel Island in Tarpon Bay, Florida. The incredible size and tremendous fight put up by these beautiful leaping salt water tarpon fish, also known as the “Silver King”, made them an immediate hit with big game sports fishermen worldwide.

Hundreds of prominent anglers such as American industrialist Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, and world famous inventor Thomas Edison all built their vacation mansions in Florida just so they could fish for the “Silver king” annually. And, as early as 1887 the Henry Hall Sons Line company was making their special “SILVER KING” brand of linen fishing lines for a number of prominent American sporting goods firms. One such famous sporting goods firm that Hall made their “Silver King” line for in 1903 was the Schmelzer Arms Company of Kansas City, MO.

The “Silver King” Tarpon fishing line spool shown here is the only known surviving example in existence today that features Schmelzer’s famous “turn of the century” logo with their slogan “We Pride Ourselves On quality”.

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Creek Chub Husky Surfster Lure

Creek Chub Husky Surfster Lure

The Creek Chub Husky Surfster Lure was first offered in 1953. The antique lure was Creek Chub of Garrett, Indiana lure model series number 7300. This large wooden cedar lure continued the Surfster line up by adding this salt water or big game Surfster. This large antique fishing lure measures in at 6″ in length. The lure features a heavy duty diving lip mounted to the mouth to which the single forward line tie connects. This glass eyed beauty has two over size treble hooks, this may have been a special order as they usually have three. The hook hardware is the reinforced cup as well as having the reinforced wire through rigging. The lures end of life was around 1958 for all intents and purposes.

The Husky Surfster was only made in eight standard color palate finishes. The antique fishing lure came housed in a large over sized Creek Chub two piece cardboard box with the 7700 model either stamped on the end or printed on a label. The standard finishes for this huge antique lure are:

00 Pike Scale
01 Perch Scale
02 Red and White
07 Mullet
18 Silver Flash (As Shown in Gallery Below)
34 Blue Flash (Shown in the Gallery Below)
35 Purple Eel (Shown Below)
37 Yellow Flash (Shown Below)

Creek Chub Husky Surfster Lure Photo Gallery

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Creek Chub Jointed Striper Pikie Lure

Creek Chub Jointed Striper Pikie Lure

The Creek Chub Jointed Striper Pikie Lure, Model 6800 came on the scene a lot later compared to the rest of the Pikie lure family, making its introduction in 1950. The antique lure made it almost 3 decades in the Creek Chub Bait Company Catalog, and disappeared with many of the other lures around 1978. This lure is available to collectors and fisherman in both glass and tack eyes. This wooden fishing lure measures 6 1/4″ in length weighing a whopping 3 1/2 oz. The lure having a heavy duty through wire construction attaching the two pieces of the body together as well as its three large treble hooks. The lure was made to focus on the big game fish such as striper, tarpon, musky and other salt and fresh water large game fish. 

The Jointed Striper Pikie antique lure can keep you as a collector busy trying to collect its 14 standard colors if trying to get each eye variant in each color. You will find the lure housed in its over-sized box either end labeled or end stamped.

The colors available are:
00 – Pike Scale
01 – Perch Scale (Shown Below)
02 – Red & White
04 – Golden Shiner
07 – Mullet
08 – Rainbow
13 – Solid Black
18 – Silver Flash (Shown Below)
31 – Rainbow Fire (Shown Below)
32 – Fire Plug (Shown Below)
34 – Blue […]

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South Bend Zane Grey Teaser Lure

South Bend Zane Grey Teaser Lure

The South Bend Zane Grey Teaser Lure is a giant antique fishing lure. This monstrous wooden lure was given a model series number 981. This huge salt water teaser lure measures 11″ in length. Originally introduced in 1928 it was in the South Bend antique lure line up for almost 4 decades, until 1964.

Zane Grey an iconic American, was given legendary status in the fishing community for his off shore escapades. Zane was said to have fished 300 days a year in his adult life. From the coast of Australia to the shores of Catalina Zane’s epic battles are forever written in American as well as International fishing lore through his many novels or being the subject of other authors. While Zane is given and almost demi god status for pioneering fishing adventures, his movies, production of them and Western cult status rivaled that of many that ever appeared on film and in written word.

The Zane Grey Teaser as stated above was 11 inches in length, and was made through many transitions, in company as well as lure variations. The antique lure can be found with Glass, Tack and painted eyes. The lure being a “Teaser” , unlike its smaller Tarp Oreno cousin, has no hooks to secure prey. The Teaser was only used as an attractant for the bait and switch style of fishing.

Stated in the 1928 South Bend Bait Company lure Catalog: “After […]

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