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Lamprey Terror Vintage Lure

Lamprey Terror Vintage Lure

The Lamprey Terror Vintage Lure was introduced in the 1950’s. The Lamprey Lure and Tackle Company made its home in Chicago like many other great lure companies. The companies lure portfolio was a pretty small one though making this large version and smaller baby version of the Terror. This plastic slab type lure has large bulbous eyes reset back towards the midpoint of the antique lure. The lure made of a single piece of molded tenite/plastic has a diving lip just below its head and forward line tie to break the water.

The Terror lure had two trebles secured with a simple screw eye rig. The larger version as shown below measures roughly 3 3/8″ in length. The lure had a patent applied for but I don’t believe they were in business very long based on the frequency of which theses neat little miscellaneous lures show up. The lure touted to be successful for all game fish, from Muskie and Pike, to Walleye and Trout. This unique lure has with its its correct Box and Insert Paperwork making it the complete package.

Lamprey Lure and Tackle Company

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Creek Chub Crawdad Antique Lure

Creek Chub Crawdad Antique Lure

The Creek Chub Crawdad Antique Lure was a model series number 300. This lure made by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana was first introduced in 1917 as “The Wiggler”. Hence after 1920 the name would change to the Crawdad and would be so until the end of its lure production cycle in 1964. The 200 series antique lure measures in at around 2 3/4″ in length and tops the scales at 3/4 ounce.

Creek Chub Crawdad Series 300 Lure Catalog Cut Creek Chub Crawdad Series 300 Lure Catalog Cut

The 1931 Creek Chub Catalog States: Natural Shaped body ant tail, black bead eyes, rubber legs, bronze hooks, movement backwards, same as a crab. Wiggle mostly in tail. Floats until Started. Tail guards hooks from snags and bottom. This is the lure to use in stony bottom lakes where bass feed on crayfish. It should be retrieved at such a speed that it will run very close to the bottom in water 4 to 8 feet deep. For small mouth bass it is a dandy as they are particularly fond of crayfish. Has a very fast wiggle, and is a favorite with many fishermen. Casts like a bullet.

The lure was only ever available in just over a half dozen finishes, however there are some great uncatalogued ones such as this black and white out there to seek out for your antique lure collection. The Crawdad had the traditional rubber legs or feelers, these and father time tend to not get along and become brittle and break over time. The lure came standard with the traditional bead eyes at the front, and a rear line tie from the tail to imitate a real crawdad swimming backwards. The Crawdad only ever had 2 trebles and Im unaware of an special orders with a single treble.

Creek Chub Crawdad Antique Lure

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Snook Minnow Lure

Snook Minnow Lure

The Snook Minnow Lure is a creation of Bob Ousley. Bob, a technician for Sears whose job eventually would transplant him from Tennessee to Florida had many hobbies. A man whose who careers and hobbies intersected and involved the use of his hands. To be handy in trades and his endeavors from stock cars, to motor cycles to spear fishing and collecting tropical fish would ultimately lead him to the Snook. While many were and still are lured (Pun Intended) to the sea via the magical and mystical properties and tales of the Tarpon, Bob would become enchanted with the Snook.

The Snook is a fish whose habitat extends from the Coast of Georgia, Florida, throughout the Gulf and even on down to the Brazilian coast line. The Snook itself does not prefer the coastline, it finds solace in the estuaries, inland tributaries, coastal ponds and Island Networks. The Snook is said to have an uncanny ability to detect abnormalities in its environment and will use such environmental factors from things such as the waters salinity to decide where it will make its habitat.

Bob would become enamored with the snook and fishing for it, like many other lure makers created his lure to fit a need. He wanted a lure that when fished would run 3-5″ under the water and run true. In 1965 he created his first Snook Minnow Lure. Bob’s familiarity with the snook would be evident in his creation of three different sized lures. The Snook is a predator who eating habits are in direct correlation with its own size. As the snook grows, so does its prey. Bob’s snook minnow not only filled his need, but when his friends and fishing partners would come to see it, they wanted to fish with Bob’s Snook as well. The demand for Bobs Snook would outweigh Bob’s ultimate ambition to become a large quanity lure maker.

The lure itself would gain another name as well as Bob a new Partner in 1969, George Turner, the Snook Minnow would transform the Snook to the Magician. The lure can be found in many variations, from the early versions having glass eyes to later painted eye. The Snook Minnow can range in size from 2 3/4″ to 4 3/8″ and the Magician relatively the same but with small differences. It can be found with cup hardware and simple wired though hardware. There are roughly a half dozen different colors of flavors you can collect. While commercializing the Bob O Tackle Co., would open new outlets of distribution for the Snook/Magician, it would never reach the same numbers as some of the other large Florida Lure makers such as Pfeffer, or Robinson or Eger.

Bob’s story does not end with the Snook minnow, should you like to read or learn more. Bill Stuarts books “Florida Lures and Their Makers” is available for purchase, by contacting Bill Stuart […]

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Shakespeare Waukazoo Surface Lure

Shakespeare Waukazoo Surface Lure

The Shakespeare Waukazoo Surface Lure was released somewhere in the late 1920’s. This unique bulbous or light bulb shaped wooden antique fishing lure was a model number 6555. Shakespeare of Kalamazoo Michigan only made this fishing lure for less than a half a dozen years and it was gone in the early 1930’s, and is really rather scarce to come by. The lure made of wood measured 2 5/8″ in length and used two trebles. Lik emany of the late 1920’s lures you can find the Waukazoo with the treble hanging from the rear ball hanger. You will also find it with a screw eye type hanger towards the end of the run.

The lure was made to be fished top water for your standard game fish such as the large mouth bass. The lure features a marked front spinner that can also be found in a few versions from the pointed end found on most of the underwater minnow series lure, to the rounded end style that appeared on the early Revolutions or Worden Buck Tail Spinners. One of the tell tale features of this vintage lure is the bottom keel extending out from the larger portion of the lure, in front of the belly treble.

The Shakespeare Waukazoo Lure was only made in a few colors; Grey as shown below in the gallery, Frog Spot, Red Head White Body are a couple finishes you might find.

Shakespeare Waukazoo Surface Lure Photo Gallery

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