Shakespeare Musky Revolution Lure

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Shakespeare Musky Revolution Lure

Shakespeare Musky Revolution Lure

The Shakespeare Musky Revolution Lure is part of the foundation of the antique fishing lure company. This lure was available in 1902 and was advertised in the early Shakespeare of Kalamazoo catalogs such as “The Art of Bait Casting”, “How to Catch Bass”, and “Finer Points of Fishing Tackle”. This hollow metal fishing lure was advertised to measure 6″ in length, has 3 over sized treble hooks attached via split ring to secure its catch. This Musky Revolution fishing lure features two propellers one on the front the other between the main body and the rear lure section. This antique lure features a fixed front line tie and notched props and is likely a later version around 1909/1910. The earliest came in Black boxes showing a photo of the antique lure on the cover.

Shakespeare Musky Revolution 1902 Catalog Shakespeare Musky Revolution 1902 Catalog

The Baits That Catch Fish

The Shakespeare Revolution bait is a surface bait and is used in casting or trolling in water from three to ten feet deep and just outside the weeds and lily ponds and rushes.

Last season this bait caught literally tons of fish and anglers who never before could catch fish landed big strings of bass it being no uncommon thing to catch one hundred bass in one day.

In the water it struggles as if alive and attracts a fish from many yards away.

One boy with a Revolution bait and a ball of string caught nineteen in three hours the bass weighing forty five pounds.

The Revolution is a wonderful bait and is rightly named for it has actually revolutionized fishing methods wherever it has been introduced.

In the vicinity of Kalamazoo where this bait was developed it has entirely displaced minnows frogs and other live bait for pickerel pike muskelonge and bass. An angler who desires to catch big strings of fish can hardly afford to be without this bait.

Shakespeare Musky Revolution Lure 1902 Catalog Shakespeare Musky Revolution Lure 1902 Catalog

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