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Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter

Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter

The Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter was a short lived or produced antique lure. The antique lure was first produced in 1955 and was out by 1958, so only was present for three years worth of production. This wooden, painted eye, antique fishing lure was given a model series number 7700 by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett, Indiana.

Although it was only made a few years it underwent some body size and hardware changes. The lure was made to continue Creek Chubs Surf Casting line up. One of the lures shown in the gallery is 5 1/2″ inches in length and has a brass over sized line tie in the top of the head in addition to the one inside the mouth. The other two examples shown below are absent of the reinforced brass line tie at the top of the head. Two of these great Creek Chub Surf Casting antique fishing baits are shown in their corresponding extra long end stamped lure boxes.

Besides the lure shown below in the Gallery the Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter was available on the following colors.

02 Red and White
18 Silver Flash
34 Blue Flash (Shown Below)
35 Purple Eel (Shown Below)
37 Yellow Flash (Shown Below)

Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter Lure Gallery

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Heddon Salt Water Torpedo Lure

Heddon Salt Water Torpedo Lure

The Heddon Salt Water Torpedo Lure was given a model series number 30XWB. The lure made by Heddon of Dowagiac, Michigan in and around 1946-47. This lure wooden antique fishing lure measures 4 1/8″ in length and features a front screw eye for line tie. The antique lure has no front or rear propellers like its cousins, the series 120, and 130. This lure was designed for salt water fishing.

The Heddon Saltwater Torpedo lure has three treble hooks two of which are attached to the body via two piece flap rig hook hardware.  The lure also features a inset lead belly weight to help it get below the surface. The lure features glass eyes on this model, but would later transition into painted gold eye. On the belly of the lure on top of the weight it has the traditional Heddon stenciling. The lure shown is housed in a crisp, clean and correct era H.R. Brush box marked 30XWB for the black and white shore minnow enclosed.

Heddon Salt Water Torpedo Lure

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Superstrike Shrimp Lure

Superstrike Shrimp Lure

The Superstrike Shrimp Lure was first introduced in the late 1920’s. The lure made by the Florida Artificial Bait Company of Saint Augustine Florida. This celluloid lure has quite a interesting history. The lures celluloid was salvaged from the wings of an experimental airplane purchased by George Ettles and Henry Farrin. I can honestly say that’s probably the first and the last time you can say a lure came from airplane parts. The lure itself is linked together in riveted sections to bend in a way it really is a realistic lure with its paint bead eyes and segmented body. The antique saltwater fishing shrimp lure was made in a few different sizes and was offered in a few different paint schemes. The Shrimp depending on the size sometimes had one or two treble hooks attached. The lure came or was housed in a box showing a graphic or picture of the antique lure.

Superstrike Shrimp Lure Photo Gallery

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South Bend King Andy Lure

South Bend King Andy Lure

The South Bend King Andy Lure was a very short lived lure. The King Andy was once again another antique lure that was a victim to the model sharing number scheme of the South Bend Bait Company. The lure was a model series number 975, which was also shared by the Two Oreno and the Pike Oreno. The lure however was only made for roughly 2 years, and is not easy to find due to the short run. The lure when found used is also usually poor due to being fishing in salt water. The King Andy lure was first introduced in 1951 and gone by 1953. The wooden, pressed eye Bass Oreno type lure was 4 5/8″ in length and was a beefier salt water or big game version of the Bass Oreno. The fishing lure also features a silver plate on its back, a flasher of sorts to attract more fish. The King Andy is marked on its belly up by the forward or front cup.

The lure was available in less than a half dozen colors:

AW    All White
RW    Red Arrowhead White Body
RY    Red Arrowhead Yellow Body
W(3)    White Body with Spots
Z    Zane Grey (Shown Below)

As stated in the 1951 South Bend Bait Company Lure Catalog: “Another Very effective lure for taking many surface and shallow water feeding salt water species, and for large Great Northern, Muskies, Lake and very large Rainbow Trout, Salmon, etc. For trolling, use weight on the line well ahead of the lure.”

South Bend King Andy Lure Photo Gallery

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