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Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter

Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter

The Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter was a short lived or produced antique lure. The antique lure was first produced in 1955 and was out by 1958, so only was present for three years worth of production. This wooden, painted eye, antique fishing lure was given a model series number 7700 by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett, Indiana.

Although it was only made a few years it underwent some body size and hardware changes. The lure was made to continue Creek Chubs Surf Casting line up. One of the lures shown in the gallery is 5 1/2″ inches in length and has a brass over sized line tie in the top of the head in addition to the one inside the mouth. The other two examples shown below are absent of the reinforced brass line tie at the top of the head. Two of these great Creek Chub Surf Casting antique fishing baits are shown in their corresponding extra long end stamped lure boxes.

Besides the lure shown below in the Gallery the Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter was available on the following colors.

02 Red and White
18 Silver Flash
34 Blue Flash (Shown Below)
35 Purple Eel (Shown Below)
37 Yellow Flash (Shown Below)

Creek Chub Salt Spin Darter Lure Gallery

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