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Paw Paw Sucker Antique Lure

Paw Paw Sucker Antique Lure

The Paw Paw Sucker Antique Lure is a kind of a misunderstood lure, starting with its own name, as its not a Sucker but and Old Chub Lure. This antique fishing lure dates into the 1930’s with its target market being large game fish such as the larger Bass, the Great Northern Pike and Muskie. The Paw Paw Bait Company located in Paw Paw Michigan donned it a model 4000.

Despite the erroneous information most of the written lure guides out there have printed, giving it a everything from a model 2700 to a 2400, its a model 4000. This Paw Paw Bait Company wooden lure has painted tack eyes two treble hooks and measures roughly 4 1/4″ in length. The antique lure has a traditional cup style hardware on the belly of the lure, and uses a screw eye at the rear. The lure can be found in a couple different body shape variations, one being a bit taller than the other. 

This antique fishing lure is considered more scarce then your average Paw Paw fishing lure. The lure was produced in seven standard color finishes.

4003 – Green Scale
4004 – White, Red Head
4005 – Pearl Finish
4006 – Silver Scale
4007 – Gold Scale (Shown in the Gallery Below)
4008 – Frog Finish
4012 – Metallic Finish

Paw Paw Sucker Antique Lure

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Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Lure

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Frog Scale Lure

The Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Lure is a serious wooden lure and admittingly larger than most of the fish I catch. The model 7350 was wooden, glass eyed, antique fishing lure is 6″ in length, jointed in the middle. This antique lure crafted by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan was first introduced in 1933, was made for large fresh and saltwater fish alike. Large striper, Salmon Pike and Musky fish are its target. The antique lure took a few different turns as far as shape over the years and can be found with a blunt as well as a tapered tail. The eyes on the lure can be found in three different configurations, Zinc, Glass and Painted eyes. As far as the hook hardware the lure is found in two piece as well as toilet seat hardware.


Boxes that it will show up in are the Up Bass Box, the HR Brush Box (Shown Below ) and the Banner Box. Be on the look out as well, as I have seen treble as well as single hooks on the giant beast. The first lure in the gallery is the very hard to find Frog Scale Lure color, code J with the red eye shadow. The lure has a large diving lip and the line tie inserted under the nose pin and is rigged with the heavy duty toilet seat, and has the tapered style body.

The colors most often found and their corresponding color Codes are as follows:

02   White Body Red Eyes and Tail

D   Green Scale

M   Pike Scale

PAS   Allen Stripey (Shown Below)

P   Shiner

R   Natural Scale (Shown Below)

S   Strawberry Spot

Uncatalogued Colors Can Also be found Such as:

J   Frog Scale (Shown Below)

XRY   Yellow Shore

0   Black Sucker

 Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Frog Scale Lure Gallery

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Gallery: Allen Stripey, Natural Scale, Red and White and Box Example

“Originally made for muskies this big lure is now a favorite for large salmon on the Pacific Coast, also for striped bass. The special color illustrated has been developed for striped bass and called “Bob Allen’s Stripey” a design suggested by Mr Robert Allen. President of the associated sportsman of California. It is extremely popular for striped bass, and equally effective for other large fish. A natural swimmer with a lively side kick to the tail. Made extra strong throughout with large hooks. Floats and Dives to a depth of about three feet, depending on the speed. Truly a bait for the big ones.”

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Catalog Page

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Catalog Page Heddon […]

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Creek Chub Giant Jointed Pikie Lure

Creek Chub Giant Jointed Pikie Lure

The Creek Chub Giant Jointed Pikie Lure was first introduced in 1957. This giant behemoth of a fishing lure was Creek Chub, of Garrett, Indiana’s largest production fishing lure. The antique fishing lure was assign a model series 800. Truth be told this thing is larger than most fish I catch. This wooden, glass eyed fishing lure measures 14″ in length. The lure features the heavy duty wire through construction that most of the Husky baits do.

Its shape mimics the traditional Pikie family and both segments are straight. The lure can be found with both glass and painted tack eyes. The lures eyes however arent exponentially bigger and seem small in comparison to the lure size. The lure has 3 large trebles to secure its catch. No doubt this lure was marketed toward the fisherman in certain niche markets. One can imagine the ruckus this would make having been taken by a giant musky or great northern pike game fish.

This lure was only made in roughly 9 standard color palates, 3 of which can be seen below. The Orange and Black spot version of this is really quite hard to find and was made only from 1957-63 a half dozen years. The lure can be found in an oversize box that matches the lure in proportion. However they made it a plain green front instead of use the traditional graphics they used on the other antique boxes.

00 – Pike Scale (Shown Below)
01 – Perch Scale
02 – Red & White
13 – Black
18 – Silver Flash
30 – Orange with Black Spots (Shown Below)
33 – Black Scale (Shown Below)
34 – Blue Flash
35 – Purple Eel

Creek Chub Giant Jointed Pikie Lure Photo Gallery

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Outing Pikey Getum Lure

Outing Pikey Getum Lure

The Outing Pikey Getum Lure was another in the series of Get-Um lures produced in and around 1926. The lure was a hollowed metal lure just like the Bassy and Floater Get-um’s. This lure measures 5/8″ inches in length, and is painted to look like a Northern Pike. The antique lure has a small diving lip where the front line tie connects to the lure. The antique fishing lure has two treble hooks to secure its prey. Outing in Elk Hart Indiana as a company made a variety of outdoor equipment, lures camps, stoves, tackle boxes and more. Heddon would come along later and buy them up for their patent information.

Outing Pikey Getum Lure Photo Gallery

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John Mann Tandem Improved Trolling Spoon

John Mann Tandem Improved Trolling Spoon

The John Mann Tandem Improved Trolling Spoon is an early Pre 1900’s or 19th Century fishing Lure. The John H Mann Company of Syracuse NY is one of the most successful grocery, sundries, dry good and fishing tackle store central New York would ever have. Most don’t know Mr. Mann actually sold guns and revolvers out of his store. I will do a whole page on Mann so I don’t want to speak of all the his wonderful accomplishments both from a Small Business or to a 1800’s fishing tackle manufacture. I first brought up John Henry Mann on the Pocket Watch Page. Needless to say the Bastable Block Landscape in Syracuse New York would house on iconic business run by a great inventor and  community leader.

The lure shown was first produced in roughly 1870, and would be granted a patent for the lure on 1871. The version shown below in the gallery is a large size post patent lure as noted by the stamping of the Patent Date on the lure. The two large tear drop shaped trolling spoons were meant to land a large Northern or Large Wall Eye fish.  Fashioned in between the spoons is Mann’s patented use of the glass bead or washer. These large spoons are followed by an equally impressive set of tell tale Mann Hooks. For the better part of most all John H Mann lures you will see he employs a a single double hook. These hooks have the most beautiful Japanning done to them (Black Enamel of sorts) of any Pre 1900’s maker.

This lure would be advertised in some classic angling magazines, such as American Angler. But, you can find ads for these in the early News Papers of Syracuse. The spoons will be discussed in Hardware store trades such as Iron Age, and even shown in more GQ type magazines of the day such as Country Gentleman.

John Mann Tandem Improved Trolling Spoon

 Mann’s Improved Double Trolling Spoon

This Trolling bait stands unequaled for catching Pike, Pickerel, Trout, Bass. It is far superior to any single spoon ever invented. Packed securley and sent by mail. Price $1.00 Each A Liberal Discount to the Trade

John H Mann Syracuse, NY

Mann Improved Trolling Spoon Mann Improved Trolling Spoon

John Mann Tandem Improved Trolling Spoon Patent

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Heddon 175 Musky Minnow Lure Frog Scale

Heddon 175 Musky Minnow Lure Frog Scale

The Heddon 175 Musky Minnow Lure Frog Scale is a very uncommon combo. This wooden glass eyed musky minnow was first introduced in 1906, and was a staple in the Heddon Dowagiac line up for decades. The 175 lure was first found in a treasured tall sized type IV wood antique lure box. The antique lure was made for large bass, Pike and musky fishing with it large over sized cups.

This wooden, glass eyed antique fishing lure was see more than a few shape and size, and hardware changes over its tenure. The musky minnow can be found with marked and unmarked props alike, as well as with and extra belly weight.  The lure is the size of the 150 lure at 3 3/4″ in length and usually features over sized treble hooks. The Heddon 175 can be found in a myriad of colors, ranging from standard order crackle back, rainbow, slate etc. colors to very very tough to find colors such as Frog Scale or Gold Fish.

Heddon 175 Musky Minnow Lure Frog Scale Photo Gallery

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