Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure

Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure

The Heddon Little Luny Frog Lure is the smallest size in this collector favorite series. The lure a model 3400 was first introduced by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan in 1927 and only lasted through 1931. The lure is made of a plastic, or pyralin substance and measures 3 3/4″ in length. The lures attempt using its life like shape is to reek havoc and solicit strikes from smaller size game fish in the bass family. The lure imitates a closed leg frog, from which a larger single hook trails from an eyelet or rivet in the the feet, and a double hook from it belly to secure its prey. The lure employs the use of the Toilet Seat Hardware rigging to hold the belly hook to the body. The lure has a single forward line tie which is stationed in the center of the face of the lure. Identifying this antique lure is pretty easy compared to most as its name is stenciled in black on its underside.

The Little Luny was only ever produced in two different colors a Green Frog and a Meadow Frog Finish.

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