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Jamison Wig L Twin Lure Color Chart

Jamison Wig L Twin Lure Color Chart

The Jamison Wig L Twin Lure Color Chart depicts the range in colors for this collector favorite lure. The Wig L Twin was first introduced in 1939. This tenite or plastic made lure has character both above and below the water. The sheet shows the 11 standard colors and their corresponding color codes. This should provide a neat look into the lures advertising as well as provide a reference to find the correct boxes for the right lure.

The W. J. Jamison Co.
5559 W. North Avenue
Chicago 39, Illinois

Wig L Twin

For You…..another Shannon prize winning fish getter! This indestructible plastic lure, molded of Tenite, has alluring full length action. Shannon Spinners in the streamlined lifelike fins make the lure a living thing from head to tail. Can be fished at any desired depth. Sinks slowly if allowed to rest; if retrieved immediately lure travels 12 to 14 inches below the surface, and ideal fishing depth. May be cast or trolled with equal success. Use it for bass, walleye and northern pike, pickerel and muskies.

1801 Yellow Perch
1802 Black and White
1803 Red and White
1804 Dace Scale
1805 Rainbow
1806 Green Scale
1807 Target Spot
1808 Black and Yellow
1809 Frog
1810 Natural Chub
1811 Gold Fish

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