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Heddon Darting Zara Lure

Heddon Darting Zara

The Heddon Darting Zara lure dates back to 1933 if not a little earlier. This straight bodied fishing lure was Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan’s series model number 6600. The wooden, glass eyed lure measure¬†3 3/8″ ¬†inches in length, and had 3 trailing treble hooks. The Frog Spot Zara’s three trebles are secured with L rig hooks hardware making it one of the earliest versions, while the Silver Scale example is using the two piece flap rig hardware. The Zara is most commonly found in 2 piece flap rig hardware or toilet seat hook hardware.

The lure shown in the gallery below is in a collector favorite frog spot color scheme.

The two cataloged colors seen most are:

00 – Green Crackle Back
BF – Bull Frog (Shown Below)
D – Green Scale
SS – Silver Scale (Shown Below)

A Heddon Antique Fishing Lure Lure catalog shows and states:

“Zara, one of the most popular Heddon minnows in Florida where it was first introduced a number of years ago, and has now gained popularity in all of the South Atlantic States both for fresh and salt water fishing. Excellent results in northern waters have been reported, especially for bass.



Heddon Darting Zara Lure Photo Gallery

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