Heddon 800 Series Swimming MInnow

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Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow

Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow

The Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow, was only ever cataloged in 1911. This was the smaller of the Swimming Minnows. This antique lure made by James Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan was another in the part of a marketing series called “It Swims” or focusing on how the lure swims. The intro boxes for it’s big brother came in around 1909/1910 used the same verbiage. This wooden glass eyed antique lure measure 2 5/8″ in length with a single belly weight. The Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow only ever had a single treble hook hanging from the rear screw eye.


Heddon Swimming Minnow Ad Heddon Swimming Minnow Ad

The above ad is actually shows the 900 Swimming Minnow but highlights the multi-model benefit.

The New Dowagiac Minnow Actually Dives and Swims

This is the most successful and ingenious bait ever devised for taking Bass, Pike, Pickerel, and other game fishes. It’s a combination floating and sinking bait. It’s easy to cast and can be landed in just the right spot. It remains on the surface of the water until it’s reeled in. Then it dives and comes in at an average depth of two feet under the surface. The lure does not sink into the weeds.

This feature is a great advantage to beginners who cannot recover the lure quickly. When trolled or reeled at an ordinary speed […]

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