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Pflueger Puritan Beaded Egg Bait

Pflueger Puritan Beaded Egg Bait

The Pflueger Puritan Beaded Egg Bait fishing lure was introduced some time after 1886. The Enterprise manufacturing Company of Akron Ohio is said to have purchased the patent rights to a lure. The antique lure called the Hamilton, originally made by the Nye Creaser Company. This antique lure can be seen in the 1892 catalog next to it’s non-luminous partner “The Volunteer”, which used a model series 191 through 193. The Puritan used a model series 194 through 197. This lure would later transition into the Pflueger Kidney Beaded Bait as shown in the 1904 catalog below.

The Puritan, was offered in a series of Sizes 1 though 8 in the early years, and one through 7 using Nine examples including half sizes after it changed it’s name to the Kidney Beaded Bait. The antique lure would start with a pre attached swivel, then featured a glass bead on the early models, trailed by the blade or spoon attached to the top of inline rig via a clevis. The blade, which can is shown in a Fancy Fish Scale Pattern was available also in the era specific patterns. From the Fish Scale Blade shown to the Root Blade and Hammered finishes or the Dimpled and Grenade type spoon. Following the blade was a series of colored and differing shaped and sized beads or egg as they were referred to. The end of the inline rig would be trailed by a fancy […]

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