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Creek Chub Wee Dee Lure

Creek Chub Wee Dee Lure

The Creek Chub Wee Dee lure is a favorite among antique fishing lure collectors. The antique lure was first produced in 1936, and lasted around 10 years in the Creek Chub lure line up. This wooden, glass eyed, chunk bait style lure was a Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana series model number 4800. The lure itself has 3 single hooks to secure its pray when caught, which also can fold up next to the body in the carved recessed slots. Another neat or unique features two large weed guards the act like as antenna as well.

The antique fishing lure was only made in 3 cataloged paint scheme finishes: 00 Bug Finish ( As shown in Gallery), 02 Red and White, and 19 Frog Finish. Although there were on 3 finishes, diligent collectors will note there are special order colors out there to hunt for.

Creek Chub Wee Dee Lure Photo Gallery

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Antique Fishing Attire 1875

Antique Fishing Attire 1875

There have been may discussion over Antique Fishing attire in as much as the ability of the common layman to be able to afford to fish as a leisure or pleasure hobby. Simply put many people in early 19th Century America fished for food not for pleasure. In the span of a century predating this 1875 ad from B. F. Masters, we see America evolve from a Autocratic dominated or centrist type society to one that sought out personal satisfaction as a right to all not just the elite few. However, the cost of doing such played as much of a part as looking the part while doing it.

We see small facets of this still in 20th century America as it pertains to certain sports and pastimes, for example in the hunting and shooting vein. If you’d like an example just Google Orvis and Upland hunting gear, or Holland & Holland or Purdey Over and Under and Side by side, and one comes to the conclusion that being seen is still just as important to some as the activity itself. The fishing hobby in the 20th century is not absent or innocent of this type of American cultural phenomenon either take a stroll down any popular fly fishing area or a weigh in at any Bass Master Classic tournament and the point is well proven.

So why then should the 19th century be any different. During a time where a common American would feel fulfilled should he own one nice suit to go to church and be buried in the same. Should you be so inclined in 1875 to be able to pay $30 for a complete attire, here is one for your consideration.

Fishing Suit

Made from the Best Materials

This superb Fishing Suit, a correct idea of which can only be obtained by referring to illustration No. 111 is an outfit which should be in the possession of ever professional and armature fisherman. Being made entirely from the best Drab Duck, with the exception of the boots, it will be found pleasant and durable during the sultry days of summer, especially to the non professional angler.

Vest and Coat……….$14.00
Boots, of light rubber cloth to go above the knees…..$10.00

Antique Fishing Attire 1875 Antique Fishing Attire 1875

Antique Fishing Attire 1875 Antique Fishing Attire 1875


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