Shakespeare Nu Crip Minnow

///Shakespeare Nu Crip Minnow

Shakespeare Nu Crip Minnow

Shakespeare Nu Crip Minnow

The Shakespeare Nu Crip Minnow lure was first introduced around 1934. The antique fishing lure made by the Shakespeare Bait Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan was given a model series number 6510. This wooden lure tried to meld the body of a underwater minnow with that of a more tradition SOS or swims on side lure. This Shakespeare antique lure measure 4 1/8″ in length. The lure has both a front and rear stamped propellers on each end of a screw eye, and had three treble hooks. The bait would last for less than a decade and the Shakespeare antique lure line up.

The lure was cataloged in six different finishes:

BG: Black Back, Tan and Gold Sides, Vertical Side Stripes, White Belly *
F: Frog Green Spotted
GRW: Green Back, Bright Red Side Stripe, White Belly *
GYS: Green Back, Golden Yellow SIdes, White Belly *
SF: Silver Flitter, Narrow Green Back, White Belly *
WR: White and Red

* : Scale Finish (Photo)

The 1936 Shakespeare Bait Company Catalog States: 

This new crippled minnow surface bait is designed to ride on the surface with approximately one half of the front and rear spinners above the surface of the water. When retrieved by ordinary reeling the bait produces a very attractive wake in the water and when used with short sharp jerks, produces a splashing, sputtering commotion on the surface, which makes the bait ideal for night fishing, surface fishing over a weed beds and inshore fishing. The Nu Crip is unsurpassed for taking black bass. 

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