Shakespeare 7-11 Plopper Lure in Frog Spot

Shakespeare 7-11 Plopper Lure

This Shakespeare 7-11 Plopper antique fishing lure has always been one of my favorite Shakespeare antique lures of its period. The antique lure itself was first introduced into the Shakespeare antique lure line up around 1927. The Plopper would become Shakespeare of Kalamazoo Michigan’s model series number 6511. This wooden, glass eyed, antique lure measures in at 3 3/4″ inches in length. The 711 Plopper came with two standard size treble hooks, the forward most being used in conjunction with the cup rig hardware, and the rear utilizing a traditional screw eye type.

I’m not sure if its the carved fish tail, or the slanted glass eye adorned face that gives its appeal. This Shakespeare fishing lure came in a host of paint scheme color finishes for the period, the standards (Red and White, Black) plus the photo type finishes that were the A typical of this time for the Shakespeare Bait Company. The antique lure is shown here in the correct end labeled antique lure box with the correct period or era hang tag making it a complete package.

Shakespeare 7-11 Plopper Antique Lure Gallery

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