Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach

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Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach

Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach

Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach? What on earth does this have to do with antique fishing lures and just what are you talking about?

Every now and then people come and go through our lives for certain reasons, many which are unbeknownst to us at the time. Many of you who follow this blog or know me personally know of my youngest son Sam and his battle and walk with his own disease, ITP. And, some even know of my most recent diagnosis of my own ten days ago, cancer, more specifically Ocular Melanoma. I know that before this is over I will again count on someone like Peach to be kind and lend a smile.

Less then a half a dozen years ago, my son Sam was given a gift a random act of kindness that was facilitated through Madison Steiner, Peach for those who have come to know her story. You see Peach is a hustler, no, no, no silly, dont jump to conclusions, Peach is a Hustler of Kindness. Peach is one of those people that when her life intersects with yours will make you smile, maybe even shed a tear, a good one of course. She restores your faith that there are still people out there motivated by kindness, both in what the preach as well as what they practice.

As a parent of a child who has a rare disease, we learn very early on that we must be our children’s greatest advocates. For if we dont fight for our children, who will. As a parent of a child who has a life long chronic or incurable illness we realize that life is not meant to be fair, its meant to be cherished. We understand that with those two tiny hands we are bestowed the hope the future and the faith. As a parent of a child we realize that sometimes we alone cant hold the wheel through the storms, and we rely on others to help by offering their love and faith.

Then there are those that truly must be angles, Peach is one of those people. Peach is a person who made it her mission and her life’s work to hustle, hustle kindness. Peach has quite a story to tell and she tells it well on her page; Peaches Neet Feet

Peach takes her kindness, her hope and her love her compassion and puts it into her art, work and mission. She creates shoes based on the childs own dreams, hopes, heros and puts them on a pair of Chuck Taylor’s. Be Kind, Hustle Kindess is her mantra, if you dont know Peach, take a few minuted to visit her site above, and even maybe take a minute to sponsor a pair of shoes for a young kid.

I said all that to say, your still wondering what that and antique lures have in common. Like Ive said before #itsmystorytotell

I had a consignor in a conversation we were having tell me he wanted to do something good. And he wanted me to choose how or where he did it. He said he would take ten percent of the final auctions sales of his lures this week and donate it to a charity of my choice.
There are so many to be thankful, that the list in our case, be it friend, family or function, that has helped us with Sam and as life goes on we hop to be able to respond in kind. To be able and pay it forward, so that someone else could receive that smile I talked about above, or that tear.

So in this weeks group of auctions there are roughly 28 that are his and he said he wanted to donate the proceeds from. Julie and I will also match his 10% to make it an even 20% of the sales. The items will have a piece in them about Peach, her work, her life and her Mission. While many times all we can do is be humbled and say thank you there are those times where we can help back.

Take a look at her site, and of course at the 28 auctions that talk about Peach in the description., and as Peach would say, be kind.

And if you like most who will read this and dont want a old fishing lure, maybe visit peach at the link above and consider sponsoring a pair of Chucks for a kid.

Ebay Auctions for Peach

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