Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Lure

///Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Lure

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Lure

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Frog Scale Lure

The Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Lure is a serious wooden lure and admittingly larger than most of the fish I catch. The model 7350 was wooden, glass eyed, antique fishing lure is 6″ in length, jointed in the middle. This antique lure crafted by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan was first introduced in 1933, was made for large fresh and saltwater fish alike. Large striper, Salmon Pike and Musky fish are its target. The antique lure took a few different turns as far as shape over the years and can be found with a blunt as well as a tapered tail. The eyes on the lure can be found in three different configurations, Zinc, Glass and Painted eyes. As far as the hook hardware the lure is found in two piece as well as toilet seat hardware.


Boxes that it will show up in are the Up Bass Box, the HR Brush Box (Shown Below ) and the Banner Box. Be on the look out as well, as I have seen treble as well as single hooks on the giant beast. The first lure in the gallery is the very hard to find Frog Scale Lure color, code J with the red eye shadow. The lure has a large diving lip and the line tie inserted under the nose pin and is rigged with the heavy duty toilet seat, and has the tapered style body.

The colors most often found and their corresponding color Codes are as follows:

02   White Body Red Eyes and Tail

D   Green Scale

M   Pike Scale

PAS   Allen Stripey (Shown Below)

P   Shiner

R   Natural Scale (Shown Below)

S   Strawberry Spot

Uncatalogued Colors Can Also be found Such as:

J   Frog Scale (Shown Below)

XRY   Yellow Shore

0   Black Sucker

 Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Frog Scale Lure Gallery

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Gallery: Allen Stripey, Natural Scale, Red and White and Box Example

“Originally made for muskies this big lure is now a favorite for large salmon on the Pacific Coast, also for striped bass. The special color illustrated has been developed for striped bass and called “Bob Allen’s Stripey” a design suggested by Mr Robert Allen. President of the associated sportsman of California. It is extremely popular for striped bass, and equally effective for other large fish. A natural swimmer with a lively side kick to the tail. Made extra strong throughout with large hooks. Floats and Dives to a depth of about three feet, depending on the speed. Truly a bait for the big ones.”

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Catalog Page

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Catalog Page

Heddon Giant Jointed Vamp Catalog Page

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