Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

In the Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures; Everyone has an opinion on what a vintage fishing lure is worth, but there is only one way to know for sure: find out what similar or identical lures have sold for in the recent past. But this is not as easy as it sounds. On-line auction sites delete all records of sales older than three months, and many of the rarer lures only come up for sale every year or two. So how can you reliably tell what any given fishing lure is worth?

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The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures

In The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures, noted collector and author Matt Lollman has collected 10,000+ actual sale prices of thousands of different fishing lures from hundreds of different companies. From on-line auction and forum sales to speciality auction houses to in person show sales, Lollman has given the following details for each entry: Company (including company city and state), Lure and Model Number, Color, Era, Detailed Description, Material, Condition, Month of Sale, and actual sale in dollars. Now you can quickly and conveniently find out the value of thousands of different lures! Includes 24 pages of color photos of lures and rare lure color charts. As opposed to value guides, which estimate the sale price […]

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Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach

Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach

Hustle Kindness Auctions For Peach? What on earth does this have to do with antique fishing lures and just what are you talking about?

Every now and then people come and go through our lives for certain reasons, many which are unbeknownst to us at the time. Many of you who follow this blog or know me personally know of my youngest son Sam and his battle and walk with his own disease, ITP. And, some even know of my most recent diagnosis of my own ten days ago, cancer, more specifically Ocular Melanoma. I know that before this is over I will again count on someone like Peach to be kind and lend a smile.

Less then a half a dozen years ago, my son Sam was given a gift a random act of kindness that was facilitated through Madison Steiner, Peach for those who have come to know her story. You see Peach is a hustler, no, no, no silly, dont jump to conclusions, Peach is a Hustler of Kindness. Peach is one of those people that when her life intersects with yours will make you smile, maybe even shed a tear, a good one of course. She restores your faith that there are still people out there motivated by kindness, both in what the preach as well as what they practice.

As a parent of a child who has a rare disease, we learn very […]

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Sunday Sounds II

Sunday Sounds II

Sunday Sounds II: As we crossed the finish line of a week filled with fresh air, canoes, friends, a tent, mud, rain and hail, we also ended it with a race. While it may sound like a tumultuous mix or a recipe for disaster for some. For us its a typical recipe for a memorable spring break or just another day in the life with two energetic boys. There are very few things these days that society provides the lure for teens and pre-teens to get up and step into life. It is our job to be their guide in showing them that in life and it it’s simplicity that we ultimately seek. Our job to convince them hapiness has been masked by the hustle and bustle in society to keep up, one up, go farther, go bigger. I’m blessed as a father of two to be part of a family with young kids who are compelled to rise and get up and enjoy the day. Who were able this week to find fun in the simple things, from swinging on a vine, stomping in a puddle or even to pet a baby sheep, that is what life’s about. While sometimes its the gentle nudge, some clever thought for inspiration, or the love from a mother who stands at the head of very short list of worlds best Mom’s, that inspires them.  I’m also blessed as a husband, to have a wife who steps up and […]

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Sunday Sounds

Sunday Sounds

As the weekend accelerates to the finish line, I’m reminded once again its the Journey not the destination that makes the best memories in life. Most kids in the North Texas area and Southern Oklahoma region are out on spring break this week. While most awaking with a electronic devices within arms reach. I’m particularly thankful mine didn’t on this beautiful early sunrise.

He’s seen that same rise for over 12 years, and in almost the same location. In what seem like a blink of an eye but in reality was a decade ago he would awake in a tent even at the earliest of ages and shout out the big ball. Awoken by the geese or ducks he would recite over and over until everyone in a surrounding tent or camper was forced to hear him too. So he told his mother this morning a decade later, who took him camping last night, he was going out to catch the sun and he took to the water. Mind you not just in a normal canoe, but one he found in a dried up cove, on a hike almost five years ago. Those who know my son just smile and acknowledge for that in itself is one of the keys that unlocks my son.

During the relentless droughts year after year over the last decade the lake had receded to drastic levels, until last years graceful return. It was one […]

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Paul Puckettt F3T Poster Donated for Cast 4 a Cure

Paul Puckettt F3T Poster

Who’s to say fishing cant be done for a cause. While we as fisherman undeniably use the outdoors and our passion to often escape from life’s reality, sometimes, its where we turn to face it. Paul Puckett is an artist who takes his love for the shutter and turns it into wonderful pieces of art on a canvas. A Texas native who lives in S.C. now this artist, musician, and angler has taken his passion and turned it into a lifetime long journey. Working with just about every in print and online fishing and piscatorial trade rag, he produces illustrations, photos and works for all us to enjoy. Working with companies at the forefront of our angling industries which intertwine with our passion like Yeti, and Costa and many others.

Paul’s latest contribution in a collaborative effort with F3T while its intent was to be created and used for the upcoming 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour Fly Fishing Film Tour is having a positive unintended consequence. His selfless act is taking the original art work and donating it to Casting 4 a Cure.

Casting 4 a Cure Casting 4 a Cure a nonprofit organization, is set up to benefit Rett syndrome. Rett syndrome is a postnatal neurological disorder with debilitating net affect. Casting 4 a Cure took a parents compassion, dedication, and love for their daughter and coupled that with their love […]

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