Winnie Stump Dodger Lure

Winnie Stump Dodger Lure

Winnie Stump Dodger Lure

The Winnie Stump Dodger Lure was born in Traverse City, Michigan. Albert Winnie received his patent for the Stump Dodger Lure in 1915. While the patent dates to 1915 his lures were being created earlier. It is no surprise that Traverse City would be home to a great lure maker. The city is situated on two separate arms or Bays of the Great Lake Michigan. The East Arm and West Arm of Grand Traverse bay are right at the front door of Alert (Bert) Winnie. While most notably known for its 360 Million pounds of Cherrys the area produces each year, we lure collectors are thankful for Bert’s Contributions to our hobby.

This wooden antique fishing lure, the Michigan Stump Dodger has a larger more bulb type head and tapers down until it reaches its tail. The head and front of the lure are where the Stump Dodger and it’s unique double diving lipped lure gain its personality. Affixed to the top diving lip is its single forward line tie. Inset into the head of the lure are it’s tell tale unique tack and brass washer eyes, however the lure can also be found with no eyes. The lure itself uses two simple screw eyes to hold its two treble hooks.

Winnie Stump Dodger Lure Patent Gallery

The Stump Dodger came in at least 3 different sizes, the lure highlighted here is the standard size. If you read the patent papers you’ll notice that not only did he state the lure could be made from wood, cork or a hollow metal composite to maintain its bouncy but that he uses the word guide planes. At first glance one thinks he is referring to the two front lips of the lure, however in illustration 3, he had intended to make wings to angle up or down to the fisherman discretion as to where or what depth he wanted the lure to swim. While these ideas seem to never have come to fruition the Stump Dodger itself would makes it impact on fisherman and antique lure collectors alike.

Stenciled Across the back of the lure Bert made sure his lure was marked and in vivid colors for its time the lure can be found.
One of the great highlights of this combination lure, box and paperwork gives us is Bert’s sense of humor on paper. On the reverse of the rare paperwork Bert uses a cartoon charter to describe shooting the lure out to the fish. Using a character holding a shotgun with a reel attached to the top and his dog giving him props below, we see an Elmer Fud type character land a fish in the middle of the pond.

The caption under the illustration reads; “Don’t Shoot the Michigan Stump Dodger out too far. If you do, dip it in salt brine for 5-8 of a second because a fish will swallow it so far it will spoil before you can get it to the boat. Regards to the bunch.”

Winnie Stump Dodger Paperwork

Made By a Fisherman, For a Fisherman the paperwork exclaims.

“Brings in the Bacon”

Floats, Swims, Dives
Does Not Twist the Line
No Rotary Motion
No Swivels

This bait is buoyant enough to hold up the line. When casting in reeds, retrieve very slow. When clear of reeds or lily pads increase reeling. The faster you reel the deeper your bait will go. When in six or eight feet of water stop reeling and bait will have a rolling movement, coming to the surface making a wake as soon as it breaks water. When trolling row very slow. This bait is beautiful true to nature in motion, and has great killing power for all game fish. Try these methods and success is sure. Try our new $1.00 bait with the shark belly spotted.

Manufactured by the 

Bert Winnie Bait Company

333 State Street Traverse City, Michigan

No. 606 Metallic Finish                    No. 3 Rainbow Bait

No. 20 Special

The Michigan Stump Dodger Lure was a success early on as the paper tells us. This bait was the “Forrest and Stream” Trophy Winner for 1914 for the largest Small Mouth Black Bass. Weight 6 Lbs 4 Ozs and was caught by Chas E Quick, Traverse City, Michigan. See the Oct 31 No. of  “Forrest and Stream”.

Winnie Stump Dodger Lure Photo Gallery

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