Winchester Multi Wobbler Lure

///Winchester Multi Wobbler Lure

Winchester Multi Wobbler Lure

Winchester Multi Wobbler Lure

The Winchester Multi Wobbler Lure was first introduced in 1921. The Winchester Repeating Arms Company was located in New Haven Connecticut. The multi wobbler minnow is Winchesters copy of the Heddon Crab Wiggler. The wooden glass eyed antique lure bears the same shape as the crab wiggler, however it uses rear diving planes versus a collar. The lure has two double hooks on the lure to help with the weedless properties and a centered single belly weight. The lure was a Winchester lure model 9201 as it was stamped on on the side of the diving plane,and bore a Winchester trademark on the right side. The lure had a rear lie tie to swim backwards upon its retrieval. The lure was available in a handful of different color and featured the use of cups in the hook hardware arena. The pain finish on the multi wobblers were shinny and glossy in appearance, but held up horrible to age and use. I’ve seen the lures loose their paint on a simple trip or change in atmospheric conditions. I’m not sure if that was due to the wood itself or the paint more specifically but Winchester wooden lures in general are plagued by condition issues.

The Winchester Repeating Arms Company was involved in fishing tackle for about 10 years. There’s much to be said over who made what and when or for who at which point in time. Rods, reels, lures, spoons, tackle boxes all bore a Winchester label at some point in time. Winchester unfortunately due to ts popularity or propensity to draw collectors due to its historic firearm history also draws many fake items. ¬†one would be prudent were they to pursue collecting Winchester items to invest in resources and spend the time to educate one self on the topic.

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