WD Chapman 1888 Lure Maker Rochester NY

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WD Chapman 1888 Lure Maker Rochester NY

WD Chapman 1888 Lure Maker Rochester NY

The WD Chapman 1888 Lure Maker Rochester NY business description below gives us great insight into WD Chapman the antique lure maker. Giving insight into its business structure and partners of the era ,and some of the relational Chapman antique lure stamping you may find. It also isn’t very far off where we see Mr. Chapman exit the antique fishing lure industry. The article was taken from a 1888 bio of the local industries of that year. A Chamber of Commerce encyclopedia of sorts.

W D CHAPMAN SON & CO Manufacturers of Fishing Tackle and Sporting 6 oods No 121 State St

There are few anglers of any experience no matter in what part of the civilized world but are familiar with the name and probably with the goods of WD Chapman Son & Co one of the leading manufacturers of the world in this line. The house was established in 1860 at Theresa NY and was removed to Rochester in 1887 on account of the superior facilities offered by this city for carrying on an enlarged trade. The partners consist of WD & BW Chapman and J H Carnegie all natives of New York. Where they are well known and esteemed Mr Carnegie the lately admitted partner is a gentleman of the highest business qualifications whilst of the Chapman’s father and Son it may be said that if a lifetime spent in the conscientious and unflagging pursuit of an object merits its attainment their pronounced success is well deserved and due to no fortuitous circumstances.

The large sum of $40,000 is invested in this business and used with the forethought and judgment which characterize all the transactions of this house. The trade which besides covering the whole of the United States includes considerable exports represents the splendid sum of $60,000 annually. It has undergone steady increase for years due to the excellency of the goods and the advantageous circumstances under which the vast resources of the firm enable it to deal with its customers. Although dealing in sporting goods generally the special trade of the house is in angler’s supplies for which it has gained its high reputation. A large stock of these goods is carried comprising all kinds of apparatus and utensils and every description of line hook and artificial bait a considerable number among the best of which are the firm’s own invention. WD Chapman Son & Co issue an artistic and exhaustive illustrated catalog of their manufactures which should be in the hands of every disciple of Izaak Walton. This firm is represented on the floor of the Chamber of Commerce.


WD Chapman 1888 Lure Maker Rochester NYWD Chapman 1888 Lure Maker Rochester NY

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