Watt Tackle Twirling Twirp Lure

///Watt Tackle Twirling Twirp Lure

Watt Tackle Twirling Twirp Lure

Watt Tackle Twirling Twirp Lure

The Watt Tackle Twirling Twirp Lure is quite an interesting lure. The lure dates to around 1947 and was made by the Watt Tackle Company out of Detroit Michigan. This wooden no eyed lure measure 3 1/4″ in length. The lure fashioned after a propeller features three set fins that run diagonally down the side of the lure. Inset in between each fin is a fixed single hook. There is also a rear trailing treble. Acting as almost a drill bit when retrieved the lure rotates spinning through the water. The lure is painted on the same axis as the inset fins as well to provide quite a flash and flare.

This antique fishing lure is shown in a fantastic rainbow color pattern. The lure was available in other colors scheme finishes as well such as red and white. The line tie at the front of the lure is constructed¬†with a wire through line that goes all the way through the lure to the trailing treble hook. The antique lure is shown with its equally hard to find correct box and paperwork, making this a wonderful and complete combo. Th Twirling Twirp was the only lure that I am aware of that was made by the Watt Tackle Company. The lure has been reported to have been found in a smaller size, but I’m not sure if it was another model or just a variation in manufacturing the fishing lure. If I had to guess Id say this lure falls in to the category of caught as many fisherman as it did fish. Im not sure I could use this lure myself without coming away with it stuck to my hand or body somewhere.

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