Val Lure Val Products Chicago

///Val Lure Val Products Chicago

Val Lure Val Products Chicago

Val Lure Val Products Chicago

This Val Lure Val Products Chicago made lure is a uniquely made fishing lure. The lure was made by Val Products out of Chicago Illinois, in the early to mid 1930’s. It didn’t last too long and was gone from production a decade later. The lure itself is a jointed or multi segmented lure. The lure his made of wood and has painted eyes. The lure touts itself as a lure for all weed type situations and made the lure to be changed in different type of fishing situations. Whether you were fishing deep in thick brush or on the top of lily pads the Val Lure was able to over come the obstacles. The front of the lure featured a traditional weed guard attached at the marked diving lip. The treble hook on the front portion of the antique lure was made to be removed.

As you can see in the gallery some fisherman removed the whole second half all together to fish only the front portion of the lure. The second half of the lure that connects via a wire through construction features a fixed single hook attached at the rear of the lure. The Val Fishing lure was offered in a few different colors configurations as well. Shown in the second gallery in a pike scale type color. The first gallery shows they high detailed and instruction based box that the lure comes in as well as the highly worded instruction set sheet making it a complete combination.

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Val Lure Photo Gallery

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