Trenton Surface Doodler Lure

///Trenton Surface Doodler Lure

Trenton Surface Doodler Lure

Trenton Surface Doodler Lure

The Trenton Surface Doodler Lure was introduced around 1946. From the same company that brought us the Mad Mouse we have highlighted before, The Trenton Manufacturing Company, Located in Trenton Ohio. This wooden antique fishing lure measures 2 5/8″ in length. The lure seems to take it shape from crossing a Heddon Crazy Crawler and a Arbogast jitterbug lure.

The lure has a single forward line tie attached to it’s tapering “V” Shaped hull face giving way to its rounded body. The lure has two fixed aluminum wings extending out horizontally to its body which would create a surface popping motion when retrieved. The Surface Doodler has two treble hooks to secure its catch, one about mid line on the bottom of the lure secured with a surface hardware, the┬ásecond┬átrailing the fishing lure. The lure can be found in different colors and has its name stenciled on its back.

A change was made in 1949, the naming of the Surface Doodler was transitioned to the Gurgle Head. I’m unsure as to why the change was initiated, maybe for patent or commercial reasons. You’ll find the later ones marked Gurglehead on the back such as the black example below.

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