Tempter Frog Antique Lure

///Tempter Frog Antique Lure

Tempter Frog Antique Lure

Tempter Frog Antique Lure

The Tempter Frog Antique Lure is always a fun lure to find. The antique fly eater was made around 1930 and comes from a place we don’t see a lot of lure manufacturers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its namesake being the name of the company, The Tempter Bait Company located at 707 Forbes Street. This frog type fishing lure is made of a rubber composite. Using a cloth type material the Tempter Frog has jointed legs which bend to run parallel to the rear hook. The antique lure has a single forward line tie that also has weedless whiskers, for the lack of a better term protruding from the line tie. The frog lure has a forward downward facing single hook inset into the belly of the lure. From between the legs you will find it has a larger longer single upward facing hook. The large rear hook is also protected by the whiskers to help with its weedless properties.

The Tempter is a hand painted fishing lure giving it a classic look for any antique lure collector to enjoy. Whether you specialize or focus just on collecting frog lures or have a miscellaneous collection of all the Tempter will fit in nicely. This musky or large bass versions measures in at 4″ in length. While the Tempter Frog can be found in a smaller Fly Fishing or Spinning size at 2 1/4″ in size. If you r lucky enough to find one, you can then seek out its box. A plain brown in color antique lure box with two small green frogs in the center at apposing sides with “The Tempter Bass Bait” above them and “The Tempter Bait Co.” below.

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