Pflueger Angle Worm Lure

Pflueger Angle Worm Lure

The Pflueger Angle Worm Lure was first introduced in 1894. While the Angle Worm would be new, making rubber lures was not a new thing for the Enterprise Manufacturing Company, Pflueger, of Akron Ohio. I’ve said for a before that I believe Pflueger’s choice of rubber as a antique lure medium had a lot to do with having the B.F Goodrich company and it’s suppliers close by. The Helgramite Post talks to this and the Rubber Industry. The Enterprise Manufacturing had quite an array of rubber insects, critters and fly eaters throughout its history.

This antique fishing lure in its simplicity was setup the same way a angler would set up using a regular worm. The Angle Worm has two single hooks tied into the inline rig. One at the top of the worm, the other at the end of the set up. The Angle Worm itself was available in six different sizes, and just like many of the early Pflueger lures you could get it in a Luminous and Non Luminous options. The lure used the model series number 227, and was sold like many of the early lures attached to a card. This later version, the one shown in the gallery would add a box to the to the set up.

Pflueger Angle Worm Lure Photo Gallery

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