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Shakespeare Rhodes Torpedo Lure

Shakespeare Rhodes Torpedo Lure

This Shakespeare Rhodes Torpedo Lure was first introduced in 1934. This antique fishing lure made by the Shakespeare Bait Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan. They assigned it a model series number 6540. This wooden pressed eye lure is essentially as Shakespeare 33 underwater minnow lure. This wooden fishing lure measures 3″ in length and only has a forward propeller. This antique lure employs the use of an internal belly weight to help bring it down and counteract the wood’s natural buoyancy. The Rhodes Torpedo has three treble hooks to snag it and keep its catch.

The underwater minnow is shown in a period color finish that was used in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Shakespeare Rhodes Torpedo Lure Photo Gallery

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Moonlight 3 Hook Underwater Minnow Lure

Moonlight 3 Hook Underwater Minnow Lure

This Moonlight 3 Hook Underwater Minnow Lure dates to probably around 1928. The question as to why it took Moonlight 18 more years to jump into the popular style of fishing minnow we will never know. The 3T or 3 Hook glass eyed wooden lure features a forward and aft this style unmarked prop. This Moonlight Underwater Minnow Lure has painted eyes and is shown in what was a very popular Strawberry Spot color finish which was successful for other  makers such as Heddon and Pflueger. This underwater minnow lure has smaller cups than most underwater lures of this time and are attached via a screw eye. The antique fishing lure below is most likely a transitional lure going from Moonlight to Paw Paw.

Moonlight Underwater Minnow Lure Gallery

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