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Heddon Magnum Torpedo Lure

Heddon Magnum Torpedo Lure

The Heddon Magnum Torpedo Lure was first introduced in 1969. This Antique Lure was Heddon / Pradco in Ft Smith Arkansas model series number 362. This plastic spook lure is the largest of the Torpedo Spook lures and measures 3 1/4″ inch in length. This antique lure features a single forward line tie and a single spinner tail. This top water fished lure had two treble hooks the belly attached with surface rig hardware. The Magnum Torpedo is stenciled on the belly of the lure.

This antique lure was offered in many of the period or traditional colors used. The lure shown below in the gallery is an extremely tough to find Yellow with Black Bone or color code YBB on a Magnum. The lure was made in a few different series or runs and you can differentiate them by the color of their eyes or the actual molding of the lure. The lure is most often found in the green diamond Heddon antique lure bo but can be found in the red striped cello window box as well and on cards.

Heddon Magnum Torpedo Lure YBB Yellow Bloack Bone Photo Gallery

Heddon Magnum Torpedo Lure Antique Fishing Lure Color Example Gallery

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Smithwick Wood Chug Fishing Lure

Smithwick Wood Chug Fishing Lure

The Smithwick Wood Chug Fishing Lure was first introduced around 1965. This wooden antique fishing lure was made by the Smithwick Bait Company, of Shreveport Louisiana. The antique lure was given a series C-2200. The lure is in a black and white shore color, color code #24. The ure is roughly 3″ on length.

This Wood Chug has a scooped face like most top water popper type lures, however this scoop has a slight angle making one side higher than the other. Inset into the center of the dished out face is the single forward line tie. The lure has painted eyes on the under side of the lure. The fishing lure employs the use of two standard treble hooks to secure its catch. It uses a surface style hardware on the body of the treble and the rear loop to hold the aft most hook.

Smithwick Wood Chug Fishing Lure Photo Gallery

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Moonlight Fish Spear Lure Ad 1916

Moonlight Fish Spear Lure Ad

This Moonlight Fish Spear Lure Ad comes from a 1916 Shakespeare Lure catalog, yes that wasn’t a mistype. The Fish Spear is a classic Moonlight bait we don’t get to see advertised much due to the scarcity of early Moonlight antique fishing lure catalogs. I do find it amusing the show the model 586W, as if we we able to see any other colors its published in a black and white catalog.

Fish Spear 

Floats, Dives, Swims and Wiggles.

The two points for line attachment regulate the action of the “Spear”. By attaching the line to the end of the bait a surface bait is produced. By attaching line at top of patented plane, an under water bait results, which has a darting, diving, swimming and wiggling motion, like a live minnow.

When not in motion the bait floats. The faster its retrieved, the deeper it goes in the water and the more pronounced the wobbling motion.

Finished in our high grade non-peeling waterproof enamel, handsomely trimmed and decorated, and equipped with the best grade treble hooks. Made in the following styles:

No. 586W     Fish Spear Bait – White. Price Each  $ 0.65
No. 586R     Fish Spear Bait – Red. Price Each  $ 0.65
No. 586Y     Fish Spear Bait – Yellow. Price Each  $ 0.65
No. 586S     Fish Spear Bait – Spotted. Price Each  $ 0.75

Moonlight Fish Spear Lure Ad Moonlight Fish Spear Lure Ad

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