WD Chapman Photo

WD Chapman Photo

This WD Chapman Photo is truly a great piece of history. In speaking to a local historian in Theresa New York Jefferson County she said she had a photo of the antique lure maker and would make a copy of her copy and mail it to me. Little nuggets of history come together to tell larger stories. I’ve only ever seen one other photo of the lure maker, the one used in Arlan’s 19th Century lure makers Book. If anyone has any other photos of the lure maker his home (I have one of those but I haven’t finished the accompanying article to go with it) the lure factory or relating to WD Chapman, I would welcome any and all.

I can make out the writing at the bottom but the side alludes me. If you can figure it out send me an email. From the photo it looks as if WD Chapman was enjoying his twilight years the way many of us would also enjoy, under a tree and next to the water.

W.D. Chapman Lure Maker Photo

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Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad

Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad

This Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad is out of Forrest and Stream from January 25th, 1885.

Chapman’s Bait Still Ahead

The “New Combination,” Just Out. See Cut

In Three Sizes for Pike, Pickerel, Bass, Trout & Muskellunge

Read the Testimonials:

W.D. Chapman and Son, Theresa, New York: As an old fisherman who has used your baits for the past twenty five years, allow me to congratulate you on the success of your New Combination Bait for Trout, Muskellunge, and Bass. It is very attractive, as the record of catches in Wisconsin last fall will show. I consider it the best bait in its different sizes made, and predict for it the largest sale of Any Bait Ever Made.  

Yours Truly, A.G. Ryther

W.D. Chapman and Son, Theresa, New York: I take pleasure to testifying to the great merits of your New Combination Muskellunge Bait. I gave them a good trial the first of last November and caught 13 Muskellunges in two and a half days fishing, without the loss of a fish, and two of the thirteen weighed over twenty pounds each. You will have a large demand for these baits, sportsman must have them. 

Yours Truly, John S. George

To Produce These Baits at once we will send by mail upon receipt of price: 

No. 1 For Salmon, Trout and Muskellunge $1.50

No. 2 For Pickerel, Pike Bass and […]

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