Tight Lines Tuesday the Puritan

Tight Lines Tuesday the Puritan
by John Etchieson

Sometime in the fall of 1621, the Puritans invited their Indian friends to join them in a three-day festival which we now call the first Thanksgiving. As an avid collector of all kinds of antique fishing tackle items, I just had to show off this 93 year old (1924) Horrocks-Ibbotson Company wooden spool of PURITAN brand Italian silk fishing line from my collection … this just seemed like the right week to do it.

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Skinner Turkey Wing Ad 1884

Skinner Turkey Wing Ad

Since today’s motif is Turkey, I found  this apropos.

This Skinner Turkey Wing Ad came from 1884. The Hibbard Spencer and Bartlett Company was a large seller of many items fishing tackle included.

GM Skinner Clayton NY

Silver Plated Oval and Kidney Pattern.

These Baits are noted for superior workmanship and piscatorial success. The fluting beautifies, stiffens and preserves the shape. Each Bait is finely plated and mounted with first quality Scarlet Ibis, and other natural color flies, on the very best Brass wire, Treble hooks and Swivels making it the best trolling Spoon Now on the Market. 

Nickled Plated – Oval Pattern Only.

These Spoons are mounted first quality feathered treble hooks and swivels and are all made with the same dies as these in Silver Plate, and will therefore be of standard size. Each Spoon will be stamped with the makers name. 


Skinner Turkey Wing Ad 1884 Skinner Turkey Wing Ad 1884


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