Charles Hibbard Antique Lure

Charles Hibbard Antique Lure Heart Shaped Spoon

This is an early Charles Hibbard Antique Lure. Charles A Hibbard of Grand Rapids Michigan was one of the pre 1900’s antique lure makers. This heart shaped spinner or spoon bears the stamp Hibbard, Pat March 25, 84. Hibbard became part of the L.S. Hill Company in 1879 and may have gone on his own not long after.

Both Hill and Hibbard lures featured patents that used or were center around a way to keep the spinner or spoon blade away from the shaft of the lure upon retrieval. The heart shaped spinner employs the use of his patented device. The Patent was number 295,758 and was granted on March 25th 1884.  You can find a few variations of Hibbard’s spoons, some that look like the typical L.S. Hill willow leaf, another in the shape of a fish and this one. Any that you find are not a common by any means.

Charles Hibbard Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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Pflueger Propeller Antique Lure

Pflueger Propeller Antique Lure

The Pflueger Propeller Antique Lure is great piece of 19th Century metal. This antique lure was first made made by the Enterprise Manufacturing Company of Akron Ohio around 1886. There were two different versions available in the catalog. The “Propeller” was given a model 691, and was the non-luminous version, and the “Champion” was given a model series number 690, and was the Luminous version of the antique spinner lure. The lure would last less than a decade in the Pflueger lure catalog line up and would be gone by around 1895. While the lure itself would cease to be produced, one cant hep but wonder if it had a hand in inspiring the “New Akron Spoon”, of the “Tandem Spinner” that followed directly after.

The “Propeller” metal antique lure is built upon a simple wire shaft comprised of an assembly of intricate pieces. The antique lure at it’s base has a series of three metal balls faceted on a hollow tube and topped by a crimson red glass bead. The second or abdomen section is again a hollow tube which has faceted to it, a flat roughly 1/2″ wide ribbon type prop which rounded tips curl at the end, with another round ball faceted above. At the peak or crown is yet another metal propeller, fashioned into the shape of petals or 8 separate blades. The lure has a simple box swivel to attach ones line to, and a single feathered […]

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Shakespeare Musky Trolling Minnow Lure

Shakespeare Musky Trolling Minnow Lure

The Shakespeare Musky Trolling Minnow Lure was first introduced around 1924. This model 972 made by the Shakespeare Bait Company, of Kalamazoo, Michigan measures 5″ in length. This antique spinning lure came with a front fluted spinner attached to the shaft of the rig. The lure has the traditional red paint on the back half of the spoon, and is labeled on the front. The lure was followed by a 3 prong dressed and bound stacked deer hair tail. The stacked deer hair was woven or held together over the shafts (Sometimes referred to as the bug) of the hooks leaving the tip shank open, or exposed. This antique lure setup was available in three different sizes, Bass, Pike and Muskie, and larger game fish.

Shakespeare Musky Trolling Minnow Lure Photo Gallery

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