Creek Chub Snook Pikie Antique Lure

Creek Chub Snook Pikie Antique Lure

The Creek Chub Snook Pikie Antique Lure is a model series 3400. The Creek Chub Bait Company, of Garrett Indiana introduced this lure in 1929 and produced it for almost half a century until 1978. This wooden, glass eyed Pikie minnow is just a little larger than the famous 700 series, measuring in at 4 7/8″ in length.

The Snook Pikie although introduced in 1929 only had a verbal description, and no photo along with it for many years in the 1930’s. The lure was available in well over a dozen standard finishes making it a fun lure to collect. The lure is shown in its correct end stamped box, and is in Blue Flash, Color Code 34.

The 1941 Catalog States: Shaped exactly like the regular Pikie No. 700 except much stronger and a little larger. All hooks are anchored entirely through the body. Made especially for heavy fishing and a favorite for “Snook” in Florida. This size and construction also made a wonderful lure for Muskellunge and Great Northern Pike. It also suited to the lighter salt water fish and is a good lure for general all around use on heavy fish. 


Creek Chub Snook Pikie Catalog Cut 1941 Creek Chub Snook Pikie Catalog Cut 1941

Creek Chub Snook Pikie Antique Lure Photo Gallery

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Jim Pfeffer King Shiner Lure

Jim Pfeffer King Shiner Lure

The Jim Pfeffer King Shiner Lure is a beauty to hold and admire. This huge big game fish wooden lure, has painted eyes, a large single red hand painted sweeping gill mark. The Shiner series lures were known far and wide, and was certainly one of, if not the lure that carried the most notoriety in Pfeffer’s Florida lure line up. The standard Shiners were available in 4 different sizes. These were in addition to the large Snook, Tarpon or Big Game sizes of the Sailfish and King Shiner rounding out the largest size available in Shiner series.

This lure shown is the King Shiner model and measures a whopping 4 7/8″ in length. The lure has large trebles, and uses both a front and rear prop to keep it straight during retrieval. My personal opinion the lures coolest feature of this antique lure isits 4 belly weights. The Shiner has a Solid Silver Painted body underneath all silver flitter which still is intact. The lure has obviously never been fished and would be an amazing addition to any antique lure collection, and would easily fit right into the center of a Florida themed group.

Jim Pfeffer King Shiner Lure Photo Gallery

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Creek Chub Jointed Snook Pikie Lure

Creek Chub Jointed Snook Pikie Lure

The Creek Chub Jointed Snook Pikie Lure was first introduced in 1938. While its inventory continued to be sold and was in the Creek Chub Bait Company lure catalogs until 1978, it was produced after 1965. This large jointed or segmented lure is brother to the traditional and straight Snook Pikie, a model 5400. While it took 8 years past the 5400 to make it to production, the Model Number 5500 was assigned to this antique fishing lure which measures just under 5″ at 4 7/8″ and weighed 1 1/8 oz.

This mid sized Creek Chub lure was made out of wood with heavy duty through wire construction and a improved diving lip. This was done to no doubt add strength to its mid size so that just in case you met up with a beast from the deep you would be prepared. This glass eyed dandy came standard with three larger hooks to secure its game fish once caught.

Over its life span the Creek Chub Jointed Snook Pikie Lure would be produced in a standard finish in a pallet of 14 colors. The Rainbow Fire Example shown below is a collector Favorite, and the Silver Shiner is Uncatalogued in a Box marked Special. The antique fishing lure in the gallery below is shown housed in its correct over sized, end stamped box adding value to the package.

Standard Jointed Snook Colors […]

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Snook Minnow Lure

Snook Minnow Lure

The Snook Minnow Lure is a creation of Bob Ousley. Bob, a technician for Sears whose job eventually would transplant him from Tennessee to Florida had many hobbies. A man whose who careers and hobbies intersected and involved the use of his hands. To be handy in trades and his endeavors from stock cars, to motor cycles to spear fishing and collecting tropical fish would ultimately lead him to the Snook. While many were and still are lured (Pun Intended) to the sea via the magical and mystical properties and tales of the Tarpon, Bob would become enchanted with the Snook.

The Snook is a fish whose habitat extends from the Coast of Georgia, Florida, throughout the Gulf and even on down to the Brazilian coast line. The Snook itself does not prefer the coastline, it finds solace in the estuaries, inland tributaries, coastal ponds and Island Networks. The Snook is said to have an uncanny ability to detect abnormalities in its environment and will use such environmental factors from things such as the waters salinity to decide where it will make its habitat.

Bob would become enamored with the snook and fishing for it, like many other lure makers created his lure to fit a need. He wanted a lure that when fished would run 3-5″ under the water and run true. In 1965 he created his first Snook Minnow Lure. Bob’s familiarity with the snook would […]

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