Shakespeare Waukazoo Surface Lure

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Shakespeare Waukazoo Surface Lure

Shakespeare Waukazoo Surface Lure

The Shakespeare Waukazoo Surface Lure was released somewhere in the late 1920’s. This unique bulbous or light bulb shaped wooden antique fishing lure was a model number 6555. Shakespeare of Kalamazoo Michigan only made this fishing lure for less than a half a dozen years and it was gone in the early 1930’s, and is really rather scarce to come by. The lure made of wood measured 2 5/8″ in length and used two trebles. Lik emany of the late 1920’s lures you can find the Waukazoo with the treble hanging from the rear ball hanger. You will also find it with a screw eye type hanger towards the end of the run.

The lure was made to be fished top water for your standard game fish such as the large mouth bass. The lure features a marked front spinner that can also be found in a few versions from the pointed end found on most of the underwater minnow series lure, to the rounded end style that appeared on the early Revolutions or Worden Buck Tail Spinners. One of the tell tale features of this vintage lure is the bottom keel extending out from the larger portion of the lure, in front of the belly treble.

The Shakespeare Waukazoo Lure was only made in a few colors; Grey as shown below in the gallery, Frog Spot, Red Head White Body are a couple finishes you might find.

Shakespeare Waukazoo Surface Lure Photo Gallery

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