Shakespeare Midget Oregon Fly Lure

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Shakespeare Midget Oregon Fly Lure

Shakespeare Midget Oregon Fly Lure

The Shakespeare Midget Oregon Fly lure was first introduced in the 1934 Shakespeare. A copy of the lure catalog ad by the Shakespeare Bait Company from Kalamazoo Michigan is shown below. I apologize for the quality but it was the best I could present. This small wooden antique fly lure measures 1 3/4″ in length. The fly lure, a model No. 6377 bears a resemblance to a South Bend Trout Oreno. The antique fly had a front line line and a tapered cigar shape, and used s No. 4 size double hook to secures its catch. As we had seen with other major antique lure manufactures such as Creek Chub, and Heddon, and South Bend from the mid 1920’s to the 1930’s the tried to use smaller almost pan fish size or type fishing lures for fly casting. The Shakespeare Bait company did not quite have the vast wooden lure selection of the other three aforementioned makers, however, it also made a substantial effort in the Dry Fly market. Designed to cast with a fly this Midget Oregon lure would sometimes have a lead weight added to the front of the line to get the cast out farther. Obviously this lure was made to be used for a mid weight set up. The lure would evolve over its short period or life span and

I would also like to add a side note, the lure article below states it can be used to “Bug-Fish” with the use of a cane pole. This is a type of fishing called “Skittering” which was used in the 19th century where by the lure would be skirted over the top of the water. This type of fishing bears resemblance an interpretation of today’s modern interpretation of Tenkara Fishing.

Oregon Midget

No. 6377

A midget lure designed for use with a fly rod in taking salmon, large trout and “pan fish” such as rock bass, perch, etc. It is successfully used on a cane-pole or fly rod to “bug-fish” for black bass. Some fisherman troll and cast with this bait by adding a lead weight to their leader a foot ahead of the bait.

This Antique Fly Lure was offered to Fly fisherman in 6 different paint scheme finishes.
WG – White Body, Green Head
GP – Green Perch (Shown Below)
S – Spotted
GW – Green Back, Red and Green Sides
YR – Yellow Body, Red Head
WR – White Body, Red Head (Shown Below)

1934 Shakespeare Oregon Midget Catalog Ad 1934 Shakespeare Oregon Midget Catalog Ad

Shakespeare Midget Oregon Fly Lure Photo Gallery

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