Pflueger Pal O Mine Lure

Pflueger Pal O Mine Lure

The Pflueger Pal O Mine Lure is one of those timeless classics that was first introduced in 1925. Made in Akron Ohio, this lure was a staple in the Pflueger Fishing Tackle Company lure line up for close to half a century. This straight uni-body Pal O Mine was given a model series number 5000. As with all lures that made it that long, there were many variations to it as the company and the industry evolved. This wooden lure measures 4 1/4 inches in length and you’ll note has pressed eyes. So while the Pal O Mine was introduced in 1925 this version shown was brought in to production around 1948. The antique lure came standard with three treble hooks and used a surface style hook hanger to secure them.

The Pal O Mine is a super lure to collect as it has variations in both body, hardware and colors. You could enjoy many many years trying to fill up a collection of them. The lure shown in the gallery below is one of my favorite Pflueger colors. The color is a color code 39, a Scramble finish of Red, Green, and Yellow a tie dye of sorts.

Pflueger Pal O Mine Lure Photo Gallery

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