Shakespeare Tarpalunge Lure

Shakespeare Tarpalunge Lure

This Shakespeare Tarpalunge antique fishing lure is a model #6640. This jointed, wooden antique Shakespeare lure is circa 1930 and has two very large single hooks. This antique Shakespeare salt water fishing lure measures in at  5 3/4 inches in length. The lure was touted to hold over a 200 lb dead pull weight, that is a lot for those not familiar with the phrase. The rear single hook swings freely from a reinforced screw eye hanger while the front of single hook over sized lure is held by what I term a break free clasp.

The antique fishing lure was available in both pressed and glass eye antique lure versions and changed with the other lures as they transitioned. The antique lure shown is red head flitter in color scheme finish ,and is obviously geared towards big game, salt water species of fish such as the Tarpon. The lure came in a handful of different colors including the popular Shakespeare photo finish.

Shakespeare Tarpalunge Lure Gallery

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