Friday Funhouse Feburary 16 2018

Friday Funhouse Feburary 16 2018

The Video of the Week

If you don’t know Andy Foster — former president of ORCA — watch this video as he gives a great overview of antique fishing reels.

12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

Holy moly are these two Tuna Jigs blowing up!


This is a really intricately engraved Winchester #2644 Reel.


This is another great Heddon 150.


This Heddon #900 in the box is driving the Heddon folks wild.


Storm Wiggle Warts are just plain hot right now.


I really love the Green Crackleback color especially on a Heddon River Runt.


A mint Penn Model 249 is a great find.


A Hildebrandt dealer display case is superb.


An early Pflueger Medalist #1392 is an iconic fly reel.


This Doug English Advertising Lure is incredible — Doug gave them out every Christmas to friends and clients.


This CCBC Wagtail Chub is a nice find.


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Dam Mouse Antique Lure

Dam Mouse Antique Lure

The Dam Mouse Antique Lure is a neat little lure. Dam a German fishing tackle company has been around since the late 1800’s in some form. Widely popular with European collectors Dam can kind of be equated to our Abbey and Imbrie. More notably known for their version of spinning reels in America they also made or imported and sold lures as well. Yes they had original products but the also took other products and made them their own by either changing certain features, or painting them in their own fishes. T

This first DAM mouse lure is an example of that. The lure is a Heddon mouse, where by items such as the lip has been changed as well as surface hardware added. The wooden mouse, has beaded eyes, screwed in leather ears and a leather rope inserted for the tail. This antique mouse lure uses two double hooks to secure its catch when caught. The second DAM Mouse lure seems to mimic in construction the Heddon flocked or F4000 series mouse. The same notable differences being the screw in ears and most notably its smaller size. 

Dam Mouse Antique Lure Photo Gallery


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Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

The Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure was first introduced in 1955. This novelty type lure was born by the Neon Mickey Company out of Oregon. This plastic fishing lure measures 4″ in length and was available in a few primary colors. The purpose or guise of the Neon Mickey was that when the lure moved it would cause a reaction with the Mercury and Gas inside and make the lure glow. The lure is shaped like most of the traditional style salmon plugs and has two treble hooks to secure its prey.

The lure comes in a plastic clam shell type box that has written on the sides, “Neon Mickey Lights as it Swims”

The paperwork exclaims:

The Deeper it goes the Brighter is Glows!
The Neon Mickey lure was designed for casting or Trolling. It can be used for salt or freshwater fishing. Not just another plug the Neon Mickey actually lights as it swims. To see it light up take it into a dark room and shake. For best results in trolling place the sinker from 3 to 6 feet from the nose of the plug. Depending on weight of sinker depth and trolling speed. Nylon mono-filament is preferred to steel leader. No weights are required for shallow trolling. For casting it is a natural as it floats and pops. This plug is a fish getter if properly used. If you are a moocher […]

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Fly Fishing Cabinet Card

Fly Fishing Cabinet Card

Here is a great early 19th Century Fly Fishing Cabinet Card. The astute gentleman posing with his large green heart rod and what looks to be a larger Salmon type reel. Leaning upon the rock as well is a early landing gaff, single tine. Im not sure what I envy more his chops or his catch laying at his feet.

Fly Fishing Cabinet Card Fly Fishing Cabinet Card

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Heddon Meadow Mouse Lure

Heddon Meadow Mouse Lure

The Heddon Meadow Mouse Lure was first introduced in 1929. This Heddon mouse lure made in Dowagiac Michigan would last for more than half a century in the antique lure line up. This fishing lure the wooden enameled version is a series number 4000. This antique lure measures 2 3/4″ in length and was made of wood. The antique lure featured leather ears which are screwed into the bait and tail for life like decoration. The lure has black bead eyes, a pin inserted into the nose. The Heddon Meadow Mouse has a forward line tie attached below the pin and a scripted metal diving lip to help it dive down to it’s prey.

To catch its prey it employs the use of a double forward hook forward of the mid-line of the lure inset and attached with Heddon’s L Rig Hardware in the version below. The lure also had a trailing single hook just below the leather tail. The lure can be found with both stenciled and un-stenciled belly versions.

The Meadow Mouse was available in only a few colors, two of 3 which are shown in the catalog cut below, as well as in the galleries.

Some More Favorite Fish Getters

New! A Fur Finished Mouse Bait No. F4000 Meadow Mouse

Lifelike in shape, ears, eyes and tail, this new Fur Finished mouse has the final touch of a coat of […]

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Martin Injured Minnow Lure

Martin Injured Minnow Lure

The Martin Injured Minnow Lure in Circa late 1930’s. Martin is a name synonymous with the Salmon Fishing tackle world. Thier standard plugs being great fish catchers for decades. This is a bit of a deviation for the company but this Injured Minnow lure was trying to capitalize on the successful lures like the Heddon SOS and the Creek Chub Injured Minnow.
The Martin injured minnow is made of wood and is 3 5/8″ in length with a forward line tie. This antique fishing lure has the standard front and rear prop and would swim on its side. The lure having glass eyes, and a set of three treble hook to secure its catch. The injured minnow was made in a series of colors a bit different that the standard Martin lures such as the frog spot shown below in the gallery. Just like most Martin antique lures it’s stenciled in red on the belly of the lure.

Martin Injured Minnow Lure Photo Gallery

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