Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure

Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure The Neon Mickey Antique Fishing Lure was first introduced in 1955. This novelty type lure was born by the Neon Mickey Company out of Oregon. This plastic fishing lure measures 4" in length and was available in a few primary colors. The purpose or guise of the Neon Mickey was [...]

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Fly Fishing Cabinet Card

Fly Fishing Cabinet Card Here is a great early 19th Century Fly Fishing Cabinet Card. The astute gentleman posing with his large green heart rod and what looks to be a larger Salmon type reel. Leaning upon the rock as well is a early landing gaff, single tine. Im not sure what I envy more [...]

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Heddon Meadow Mouse Lure

Heddon Meadow Mouse Lure The Heddon Meadow Mouse Lure was first introduced in 1929. This Heddon mouse lure made in Dowagiac Michigan would last for more than half a century in the antique lure line up. This fishing lure the wooden enameled version is a series number 4000. This antique lure measures 2 3/4" in [...]

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Martin Injured Minnow Lure

Martin Injured Minnow Lure The Martin Injured Minnow Lure in Circa late 1930's. Martin is a name synonymous with the Salmon Fishing tackle world. Thier standard plugs being great fish catchers for decades. This is a bit of a deviation for the company but this Injured Minnow lure was trying to capitalize on the successful [...]

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