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Rush Tango Trout Tango Lure 6 Pack

Rush Tango Trout Tango Lure 6 Pack

The Rush Tango Trout Tango Lure is the smallest of the Tango line up. The old saying is it takes 2 two Tango, well in this case it takes 6! The Rush Tango Trout Tango lure was a fly rod lure measuring 1 3/4″ in length and having a detachable small double hook. The lure meant to be cast with a medium weight rod and line. Stated on the side of the box, the maker recommends adding a small worm to the item if you must. The company had its roots in Syracuse NY around the same areas a few of the later contended lure makers were also from. The Rush Tango story and history of the company is a long convoluted mess mixing antique lure makers James Heddon, Leroy Yakeley, Fillmore Smith and JK Rush in patent warfare leading to court cases and legal interpretation. These legal issues not only would present themselves to JK Rush with the tango lure, they would also face Heddon with the Tadpolly and Welles Patent infringement. The assortment of 6 lures could be purchased direct or from purveyors such as Hibbard Spencer and Bartlett, who in 1922 offers this 6 pack for merely sum of $1.50, yes please send me a dozen.

The Rush Tango Trout Tango Lure was offered in a variety of solid colors such as Red, Gold, Black, Silver, and Gold. Or two tone colors such as Red and Yellow, and Red and White. The lures shown date to 1922’ish when the company Changed its name from theĀ Union Specialty Company to the Rush Outing Company. This is when the company made its focus a more outdoor gear and camping equipment type company. This shift in priorities from fishing to camping supplies could be a reason the would sell the rights to the Horrocks Ibbotson Co from neighboring Utica New York.

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Paw Paw Hipp Lure

Paw Paw Hipp Lure

The Paw Paw Hipp lure as it was named by Scott and Reed in the Paw Paw book is a unidentified or unnamed lure. The lure is a green and gold spotted flat face wobbler. The lure is 3 3/8″ in length and resembles a Rush Tango made bait. Reed and Scott go on to state the lure may have been made H&I but painted by Paw Paw. Those 2 co-authored a great book and you should buy it should you get your hands on one.

Paw Paw Hipp Lure Gallery

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