JB McHarg Civil War Token

JB McHarg Civil War Token

This great example of a JB McHarg Civil War Token is a prime example of what drives me to collect. Looking off the beaten path for neat items to compliment both my or other lure collections is something I’ve always enjoyed. This drive or niche, or thinking outside the proverbial lure box at times has almost been a obsession. Thankfully my adult ADHD doesn’t let me stay grounded too long and off I go tracking down some other piece of knowledge or theory worm hole. Whether it’s paperwork, historical accounts, tidbits of information, photos or what have you, they all allow us the ability to follow the bread crumbs. Being able to piece together information to help complete or assemble a bigger picture.

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Russell Rulau writes in his reference material titled “United States Tokens 1700-1900 ” 4th edition, Printed in 2004, that examples have both been found struck on Copper and Silver coinage. Using the example cited, as like the 1826 example above, it has been found on a 1819 United States Large Copper Cent, and a  Silver 1777 Spanish American Reales 2, a Spanish Colonial coin. For the Large Copper Cent it rates it a RM-7, Very Scarce, 10-19 known examples. The Silver Reales being even more scarce, rates a RM-8, which qualifies it as Rare, with 5-9 examples known to exist.

Neither coin being special unto themselves, the […]

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Pepper Roamer Antique Lure

Pepper Roamer Antique Lure

The Pepper Roamer Antique Lure was patented in 1908. Joseph E Pepper of Rome, New York the inventor of this bug type lure. Whether from 235 1/2 South James Street, or 217 Lynch Street in Rome New York Pepper would rival in production the variety of lures to that of any of the top tier lure maker. Pepper would fasten from wood to feather, from metal to rubber composition a multiplicity of fishing lures to attract a great number of types of fish. From a family who’s roots grew deep Joseph would create many items such as the Roamer lure for us collectors to covet.

The Roamer, patent number 855861 was issued in 1908 in the US and 1909 in Canada and can be seen below. With a rounded head and a cigar shaped tapered thorax, the Roamer antique fishing lure was made of wood. The fishing lure featured a series of legs down each side of the abdomen made from rubber at first then string. When reeled in the legs would move back and forth to imitate the motion of that of a live bug. The lure can be found with variations of both eyes and a front and rear spinners or the lack there of.

The Roamer was said to have been made in 5 different sizes and came housed in a Purple labeled picture box. The antique fishing lure had 3 trebles, two located just […]

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