Heddon Punkie Spook Fly Lure

Heddon Punkie Spook Lure

The Heddon Punkie Spook Fly lure was made no doubt due to the popularity of the now famous Heddon Punkinseed lure. This antique fly lure was a series 980, and shown in Heddon’s White Shore Finish Color Code XS and XRW. The lure was made in the in roughly a half dozen or so colors some shown in the second gallery. The antique lure is normally found in a red edge cellophane window box. The Punkie Spook was introduced in 1940, and was in and out of production a few times until it disappears in 1958. All having painted eyes, the earliest version below having a single affixed hook and the later a trailing treble hook and both versions having the line tie under the chin.

While not necessarily in reference to Punkinseeds alone, as I’ve discussed before in this hobby, as with all others in which that have monetary value, there are reproductions. Punkinseed’s in general have had a vast appeal to collectors both old and new, and young and old and have transcended gender boundaries as well. They have and do provide a vertical niche¬†inside of antique fishing lure collecting. ¬†So while gaining in popularity they also attract imitations. While some may say imitation is the purest form of flattery, educate yourself before making antique lure purchases. Right or wrong, that fact remains they are out there, and some fakes are pretty good while others lend to […]

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Heddon 9630 Punkinseed Lure

Heddon 9630 Punkinseed Lure

The Heddon 9630 Punkinseed Lure was first introduced in 1950. This antique fishing lure made by Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan is part of a lineup of quintessential lures. The 9630 was later in the life cycle for this top Heddon seller. The 9630 is made of plastic instead of wood like its earlier kin. The transformation from the wooden 730 Punkinseed completed the body transformation however there were stages inside the 9630 life cycle.

The lure shown in the gallery below was its final stage and made from 1974 to 1977. The lure has the later creame eyes instead of the earlier gold. The bell hardware that’s used on the lure’s both fron and rear treble hook hanger is the date indicator.

The Punkinseed lure was made in six different standard colors. The lure in the gallery below is an example of the Bluegill color. From its black back or ridge line the Blue Blends into yellow ind finally into it light pink belly. The colors are intersected by its blackened vertical bars and its coloring complete with the cream eyes and red mouth.

Heddon 9630 Punkinseed Lure

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