South Bend Min Oreno Lure

South Bend Min Oreno Lure

The South Bend Min Oreno Lure was first introduced around 1933 and was gone by 1939. This antique fishing lure made by the South Bend Bait Company was given a model number 927. The Minn Oreno fishing lures shown below are the Jr and middle sized version, or standard size, as there is a Musky version produced as well. This wooden lure is a flat slab bout 1/4″ in width in shape, with a sloping forehead leading to a pointed nose and dive plate. The Min Oreno was always made with painted eyes, and traditional South Bend Painted cups. This version had two treble hooks to catch its prey. 

The Min Oreno was made in a series of paint scheme finishes.
P Pike Scale Finish
RSF Scale Finish Red Blend
RW Red Arrowhead White Body
RY Red Arrowhead Yellow Head
SF Scale FInish
YP Yellow Perch

As stated in the 1933 Catalog: “All previous imitations of swimming minnows are eclipsed by the new life like action of the Min Oreno. It is vibrant with enticing maneuvers every second. The slender body is guided in its upright, alluring path by the stainless steel angled head plate. The RSF finish closely resembles a sucker.  The Min Oreno is made in three sizes for the smaller game fish, to the husky great Northern Pike, Pickerel, and Muskie.Even smaller salt water species are fascinated by this new “wonder lure” which was evidenced during the three years spent in its designing.”

South Bend Min Oreno Photo Gallery

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Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Lure

Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Lure

The Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Lure was first introduced in 1925. The lure made by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett, Indiana would be a staple in their antique lure line up for more than a quarter of a century. This wooden, glass eyed lure was a model 2400 and measures 3 1/2″ in length, and tops the weighs in at 3/4 oz. This antique lure can be found with a double line tie, dating to pre 1935-36 era or with a single line tie for post 36. This lure was meant to dive and had a step lip to help it get to the depth of its prey. Taking after it’s name, the Wiggle fish, the lure is a segmented lure with the tradition U pin connections securing the two halves. The lure was made to make a life like wiggling motion in the water complete with fluted, rear flasher fin, sometimes found in gold, bringing up the rear. 

You’ll Notice a variation in Wiggle Fish over the years, in size, shape and even hook size. The first example shown is an early version which can be differentiated by this longer slimmer body sections and if you ll notice the front treble hook, the shaft of the treble is longer than on the later version in the gallery. The featured lure in this gallery also has broad stroke hand painted gill marks.

The second example in the gallery below is shown housed in it’s correct end stamped box. Completing this package it has the correct era pocket lure catalog and reorder form.

The Wiggle Fish

No. 2400 Series

The Aristocrat of all Wigglers. All Creek Chub nature lures are noted for their wonderful movements but in this new double jointed lure with its swaggering, fluted, nickle tail and patented mouth-piece, there is a fast, flexible, swimming movement not found in any other lure. As its name indicated, the New Wiggle Fish looks just like a fish, swims like a fish, floats, dives, wiggles its way along just below the surface – or deeper if pulled faster. This is the bait to use when trolling for the big one. A guaranteed getter of Bass, Pickerel, Pike, and Muskies. Length of body, 3 1/2″ inches. Weight 3/4 oz.

Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Lure Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Lure

The Creek Chub Wiggle Fish came standard in 8 Colors and can be found in special order colors so keep digging:

00 – Pike Scale
01 – Perch Scale
02 – Red and White
04 – Golden Shiner
05 – Red Side & Dace (shown in the Gallery Below)
18 – Silver Flash

Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Photo Gallery

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Creek Chub Jointed Husky Musky Lure

Creek Chub Jointed Husky Musky Lure

The Creek Chub Jointed Husky Musky Lure was first made in the 1930’s. This lure made by the Creek Chub Bait Company out of Garrett Indiana is exceedingly hard to find. I try not to just throw the word rare around, however in the tens of thousands of lures Ive had come through my hands, I’ve only had two. The lure is 5 1/2″ in length, made of wood, and has glass eyes. This seldom lure is the jointed version of the Husky Musky minnow Lure and feature 3 treble hooks. One treble being attached to the front part of the lure, the other two secures to the aft section of the bait. This heavy duty construction is no doubt used to help the lure survive its battle against large game-fish such as Musky, Great Northern Pike on the Freshwater side.

Creek Chub Jointed Husky Musky Lure Gallery

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South Bend Pike Oreno Lure

South Bend Pike Oreno Lure

The South Bend Pike Oreno Lure was given a model number 957, by the South Bend Bait Company of South Bend, Indiana. The wooden antique lure went through a host of changes in its 21 years. The lure was first introduced in 1931 and lasted all the way until 1952. The Red & White, and Yellow Perch examples below were made around 1941. The lure went through a body length change in 1941 taking it from more of the straight back Vamp or Cigar shape to a more sleek tapered body. It’s length was adjusted as well length from 5 1/4″ in length to 4 3/4″.

Like its fellow lure brothers, length and body style wasn’t the only changes. During the two decade South Bend as well as many other lure makers would transition from Glass Eye, to the Tack Eye shown in the examples to Painted Eye in its final form. The lure features a stainless steel plate or diving lip was a pre-attached wire leader. The lure would be available with 2 Trebles as well as 3 Trebles at certain periods of time.

The 1942 Catalog states “Pike Oreno is is one of the greatest artificial lures. Deep Traveling, these lures float when at rest. Their realistic wiggling, swimming, minnow action is unsurpassed.”

The Pike Oreno was available in a litany of colors, 15 standard versions.

BW – Black Arrowhead
P – Pike Scale
PL – Pearl
Rain – Rainbow
RB – Rainbow Blue Back
RH – Red Head, White Body
RW – Red Arrowhead White Body
RY – Red Arrowhead, Yellow Body
S – Silver Flitter, White Body with Green Stripe
SF – Scale Finish (Green)
SH – Silver Herring
SSS – White Body Silver Flitter, Red Shadow Wave
SSY – Yellow Body, Silver Flitter, Black Shadow Wave
SZ – White Body, Blue Shadow Wave
YP – Yellow Perch

South Bend Pike Oreno Lure Photo Gallery

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Shur Strike Pike Lure

Shur Strike Pike Lure

This version Shur Strike Pike Lure was first introduced around 1933 – 1936. This antique lure creation a extension of the Creek Chub Bait Company under the Shur Strike name. The Pike was essentially a similar design of the Creek Chub Pikie minnow that had gained worldwide popularity by this point. The lure was given the P designation for the model. The lure was made of wood and measures approximately 4 1/4″ and weighs in at 3/4 oz. The lure had 2 trebles the forward being held in with cup rig and the rear a screw eye hanger. The lures diving lip was inserted into the lure that held the lures single line tie, just forward of the lures glass eyes. 

The Lure is in of my favorite Shur Strike colors, color code 10, Green Gar. The example in the gallery below shows just how pretty this lure color can be. The Green Gar color was only used for one year on the Shur Strike Minnow making it quite tough to come by. The Green Gar is similar but distinctly different from the Shur Strike Green Scale.

The lure comes housed in its equally hard to find early Green,Yellow and Black Box. The Box besides being stamped correctly on the end bears the NRA stamp. For those unfamiliar, the National Industrial Recovery Act (NRA) was a law passed by the United States Congress in 1933 to authorize the President to regulate industry in an attempt to raise prices after severe deflation and stimulate economic recovery. This combo is certainly a neat to any vintage or antique fishing lure collection.

Creek Chub Shur Strike Pike Lure Photo Gallery

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Mercury Minnow Lure

Mercury Minnow Lure 

This Mercury Minnow Lure Sales Sheet discusses the feature functions and benefits of the Mercury Minnow antique lure. The Mecoy Tackle Company of Grosse Point Michigan introduced this fishing lure in 1949. The Mercury minnow is just that it’s namesake coming from the ball of Mercury that rolls around inside the lure creating a wobble action as the lure is retrieved.

Mercury Minnow
The Red Hot Lure with 4 Way Action

Darts – Dives – Climbs – Wiggles Moving Mercury Does It!

It acts alive!
The constantly shifting weight of the Mercury creates a startling new action. With the Mercury in positions: (A) It Climbs (B) It Darts (C) It Wiggles (D) It climbs and Wiggles (E) It Darts and Dives Patent Pending

Check These Features
More Action over the Counter – You have something to sell – A New Principle – Using moving Mercury to create a Life-like, 4 way action on every retrieve. No other lure has it.

More Sales Appeal – A quality lure made of Tenite II – Will not chip, peel, or water log. Individually boxed in a colorful display carton. Fully Guaranteed.

More Profit – Retailing at $1.50 the Mercury Minnow at standard discount allows greater margin of profit – and it is easy to sell.

Two Popular Sizes – Model 10 5/8 oz. Standard casting and trolling size.
Model 20 3/8 oz. Spinning, light tackle, and trolling size.

Only Eight Proven Colors – to stock – Red-White, Pearl, Frog, Perch, Orange, Yellow, Black, and Pike.

Attractive Display Board – Available for salesman and dealers, showing mounted the two models (4 of each) in the eight colors. Write for details.

Mercury Minnow Lure Sales Sheet Mercury Minnow Lure Sales Sheet

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Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow

Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow

The Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow, was only ever cataloged in 1911. This was the smaller of the Swimming Minnows. This antique lure made by James Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan was another in the part of a marketing series called “It Swims” or focusing on how the lure swims. The intro boxes for it’s big brother came in around 1909/1910 used the same verbiage. This wooden glass eyed antique lure measure 2 5/8″ in length with a single belly weight. The Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow only ever had a single treble hook hanging from the rear screw eye.


Heddon Swimming Minnow Ad Heddon Swimming Minnow Ad

The above ad is actually shows the 900 Swimming Minnow but highlights the multi-model benefit.

The New Dowagiac Minnow Actually Dives and Swims

This is the most successful and ingenious bait ever devised for taking Bass, Pike, Pickerel, and other game fishes. It’s a combination floating and sinking bait. It’s easy to cast and can be landed in just the right spot. It remains on the surface of the water until it’s reeled in. Then it dives and comes in at an average depth of two feet under the surface. The lure does not sink into the weeds.

This feature is a great advantage to beginners who cannot recover the lure quickly. When trolled or reeled at an ordinary speed it darts from side to side and describes the natural swimming course of a live Minnow. There is absolutely nothing about the bait that can get out of order. It’s extremely simple and practical.

Write for our catalog of Dowagiac Rods and Baits and learn all about this new minnow. The catalog contains many valuable hints on the free on request Art of Bait Casting and is free on request.

Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow Lure Photo Gallery


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Creek Chub Husky Surfster Lure

Creek Chub Husky Surfster Lure

The Creek Chub Husky Surfster Lure was first offered in 1953. The antique lure was Creek Chub of Garrett, Indiana lure model series number 7300. This large wooden cedar lure continued the Surfster line up by adding this salt water or big game Surfster. This large antique fishing lure measures in at 6″ in length. The lure features a heavy duty diving lip mounted to the mouth to which the single forward line tie connects. This glass eyed beauty has two over size treble hooks, this may have been a special order as they usually have three. The hook hardware is the reinforced cup as well as having the reinforced wire through rigging. The lures end of life was around 1958 for all intents and purposes.

The Husky Surfster was only made in eight standard color palate finishes. The antique fishing lure came housed in a large over sized Creek Chub two piece cardboard box with the 7700 model either stamped on the end or printed on a label. The standard finishes for this huge antique lure are:

00 Pike Scale
01 Perch Scale
02 Red and White
07 Mullet
18 Silver Flash (As Shown in Gallery Below)
34 Blue Flash (Shown in the Gallery Below)
35 Purple Eel
37 Yellow Flash (Shown Below)

Creek Chub Husky Surfster Lure Photo Gallery

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Weezle Sparrow Antique Lure

Weezle Sparrow Antique Lure

The Weezle Sparrow Antique Lure was first introduced around 1946. This lure was made in Cincinnati, Ohio manufactured by the Weezle Bait Company. This wooden lure is touted to have been covered in real Mallard Duck Feathers. This ingenious idea was based on the predator and prey theory of some of the larger game fish. Of note, the face or mouth of the lure is a stair stepped patterning angling in as it comes down, unlike most of the top water popping lures of it’s era. This makes the lure appear to be wounded as its being retrieved. Mimicking that of a wounded or distressed sparrow and or duckling and appealing to the hungry Large Mouth Bass, Pike or Musky game fish.

This antique lure has a single forward facing line tie, and was void of any eyes. The lure has two treble hooks to secure its catch. The combo is made complete by being housed in its correctly marked box and corresponding paperwork. The box has a small graphic of a large mouth Bass eyeing its prey from below. The paperwork is quite detailed in its features functions and benefits of the Sparrow and the Reverse discusses the Blooper Lure. While the lure never made out to be much more than a novelty and wasn’t around as long as its Jig Head brethren the company also focused on.

Weezle Sparrow Antique Lure

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Clark Water Scout Lure Chart

Clark Water Scout Lure Chart

This Clark Water Scout Lure Chart gives us a birds eye view into the lures features, functions and color palates. I wish there was a date on these dealer sheets but I would assume based on the other paperwork that is with them that we are in the 1950’s.

For excelled quality and performance in deep running lures these series were designed. Both have tremendous action at great depth, even on slow retrieve. Here again is an example of where 26 years of doing one thing on doing it well, gives you a better bait for fishing.

Water Scout Duckling Lure Water Scout Duckling Lure

500 Series
Water Scout Duckling

An ideal series for those who prefer light tackle, yet want a deep running lure. It has great action at any speed. Excellent for trolling. A sinking lure, for all game fish.

Water Scout Duck Bill Lure Water Scout Duck Bill Lure

600 Series
Water Scout Duck Bill

Another deep Running lure with that Clark balanced action, floats when not in motion, but will reach extremely deep on retrieve.

Clark Little Eddie Water Scout Clark Little Eddie Water Scout

Little Eddie Water Scout

For the light tackle enthusiast, the 1000, and 2000 series are ideal lures. Light Weight, yet cast like a bullet. Ideal for pan fish bass, white or sand bass, crappie, etc.

All the lures on this page come in the following colors
01 – White Red Head
02 – Black White Head
08 – Rich Green Scale Etched with Black
09 – Rainbow
10 – Shiner Scale
14 – Perch Scale
15 – Pearl
17 – Black with White Ribs
19 – Pike Scale
20x – Yellow with White Ribs
24 – Green Frog SPot
27 – White Silver Ribs, Red Scale on Sides


Water Scout Streamliner Lure Water Scout Streamliner Lure

800 Series
Water Scout Streamliner

This Series comes in both transparent and standard colors, sinks slowly and has a wonderful action. Excellent for either casting or trolling for Bass, Pike, Walleye or Pickerel

800 Series Colors

01 – White Red Head
04 – Transparent, Gold Ribs, Silver Scale on Sides
05 – Transparent, Silver Ribs, Red Scale on Sides
08 – Transparent, Green Scale, Silver Ribs
09 – Rainbow
10 – Transparent Shiner Scale
14 – Perch Scale
15 – Pearl
17 – Black with White Ribs
19 – Transparent Pike Scale
20x – Yellow with White Ribs
24 – Transparent Green Frog Spot

Clark Jointed Scout Lure Clark Jointed Scout Lure

1500 Series
Jointed Scout

Here is a lure with action supreme. Designed for every type of fishing as it is equally suitable […]

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Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Here is a great Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet that I found among some other early Miscellaneous fishing lure dealer sheets. By Looking at the classic baits we know its early, unfortunately, there is no date stamped on this one like some of the others. I would bet this would be late 1940’s early 1950’s as that is the date ranges we see some of the lure such as the Stud Duck and My Pet appear.

Also included is a copy of the original Box and paperwork for the Top and Bottom.

Smithwick Top n Bottom Box Cover and Paperwork

Top N Bottom

The All season Lure

For Bass, Muskie, and Pike

This is an unreal lure for surface, popping and below surface fishing. The design of this lure is such that it can be handled just as effective by the novice as it can by the Expert. There is no certain speed required to give the lure action.

For Surface

Such as over mossed, edge of lily pads, and in water below one foot depth. Retrieve the lure very slowly. The proper speed is just enough that you can see the water ripple on the surface caused by the tail action of the lure.

For Popping

A quick backward movement of the rod will cause the lure to run deep on approximately 45 degree angle. Return the rod forward allowing the line to have slack, this will let the lure return to the surface at approximately the same angle as it went down, count to three (allowing approximatley 3 seconds) before moving the lure, than take from 2 to 5 quick turns on the reel.

For Depth

Retrieve the lure very fast. The Faster it is retrieved the deeper it will run.

Available in three sizes with 23 color pattern.

Jack K Smithwick & Son, Mfgr.

Smithwick Lure Early Sales Sheet

Series 100:
Devils Horse, Slow Sinker
Series 200
Devil Horse, Top Water
Series 300
Jack Sprat, Slow Sinker
Series 400
King Snipe, Top Water
Series 500
My Pet, Top Water
Series 600
Tootsie Bug, Sinker
Series 700
Tootsie Bug, Sinker
Series 800
Walking Scorpion, Bucktail
Series 900
Walking Scorpion, Rubber Tail
Series 1000
Smithwick Special
Series 1100
Gandy Dancer, Top Water
Series 1200
Stud Duck, Top Water

Color Series
1 Pearl
2 White
3 Red Head
4 Green Minnow
5 Frog
6 Silver Flash
7 Yellow, White Rib
8 Shad
9 Yellow Green Back
10 Black, White Rib
12 Silver Shiner

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Heddon Musky Vamp Lure

Heddon Musky Vamp Lure

The Heddon Musky Vamp Lure is a series model number 7600. The antique Heddon lure first appears in 1925 and is housed in a giant box made especially for the Heddon Musky Vamp Minnow Lure. This rather large antique lure is sometimes affectionately referred to as the Baseball Bat Vamp for its 8″ length. This wooden, glass eyed lure, was used obviously for big game fish such such as Musky and Pike, as well as there are salt water colors for use on the briny brethren on this lure as well. The antique Heddon lure features a giant box swivel at the front, heavy duty L Rig hardware underneath holding 3 massive treble hooks to secure its catch once caught.

The Giant Straight Vamp as it can be found listed as in some of the Heddon antique lure catalogs, really is just a larger creation, or super sized, from the standard 7500 series lure in every way, including the addition of the nose pin. Heddon also made a 7550 series 6″ Musky Vamp adding to the some times confusion to the identification process with non antique lure collectors. Attempting to collect all the different colors of this lure can be a collection that can take many many years, or a life time of collecting to complete due to the scarcity and rarity of some of the Heddon Musky Vamp Lure colors.

Some of the colors available to collect are:

02  Red and White
R Natural Scale
S Spotted
RH Red Head Salt Water Flitter
P Shiner Scale
D Green Scale

Heddon Musky Vamp Lure in Red and White Gallery

Heddon Musky Vamp Natural Scale Finish Gallery

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Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure

Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure

The Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure was a 6 fishing hook Minnow. This wooden glass eyed bait was Circa 1952 and measured in at 3 5/8″ in length. The antique fishing lure had 6 hooks and used what collectors term as surface hardware. The Bon Net underwater minnow was made in the image of the Heddon Musky Lure the series 300 specifically. The Hobbs Supply Company was located out of Eu Claire Wisconsin. The Hobbs supply company was started by two brothers Bert and Tom and were in the Piping trade business in the early 1900’s. They made the move to move of a wholesale type business in the mid teens and split into a few different entities, Bartingale Mechanical being one of them. The wholesale side of things would eventually actually contract the Arnold Bait Company of Paw Paw Michigan to make the Bon-Net minnow lure. Its written that they contracted 2 different batches, both being 6000 lures. That would also explain the box stating it was manufactured for distribution by W. H Hobbs Supply Company.

The box also states its a proven killer for Muskies and Northern Pike. I’m not sure how it couldn’t with the six very large treble hooks. I imagine it caught a few fisherman in its day as well when he was trying to remove the lure from the fishes mouth.  Many decades earlier we see different states regulate the fishing industries and impose besides daily limits, things such as the amount of hooks one was able to use to catch fish with. Obviously Wisconsin wasn’t one of them as the hook filled beast was allowed to be used.

Hobbs Supply Bon Net Lure Gallery

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