South Bend Min Oreno Lure

South Bend Min Oreno Lure

The South Bend Min Oreno Lure was first introduced around 1933 and was gone by 1939. This antique fishing lure made by the South Bend Bait Company was given a model number 927. The Minn Oreno fishing lures shown below are the Jr and middle sized version, or standard size, as there is a Musky version produced as well. This wooden lure is a flat slab bout 1/4″ in width in shape, with a sloping forehead leading to a pointed nose and dive plate. The Min Oreno was always made with painted eyes, and traditional South Bend Painted cups. This version had two treble hooks to catch its prey. 

The Min Oreno was made in a series of paint scheme finishes.
P Pike Scale Finish
RSF Scale Finish Red Blend
RW Red Arrowhead White Body
RY Red Arrowhead Yellow Head
SF Scale FInish
YP Yellow Perch

As stated in the 1933 Catalog: “All previous imitations of swimming minnows are eclipsed by the new life like action of the Min Oreno. It is vibrant with enticing maneuvers every second. The slender body is guided in its upright, alluring path by the stainless steel angled head plate. The RSF finish closely resembles a sucker.  The Min Oreno is made in three sizes for the smaller game fish, to the husky great Northern Pike, Pickerel, and Muskie.Even smaller salt water species are fascinated by this new “wonder lure” which was […]

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Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Lure

Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Lure

The Creek Chub Wiggle Fish Lure was first introduced in 1925. The lure made by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett, Indiana would be a staple in their antique lure line up for more than a quarter of a century. This wooden, glass eyed lure was a model 2400 and measures 3 1/2″ in length, and tops the weighs in at 3/4 oz. This antique lure can be found with a double line tie, dating to pre 1935-36 era or with a single line tie for post 36. This lure was meant to dive and had a step lip to help it get to the depth of its prey. Taking after it’s name, the Wiggle fish, the lure is a segmented lure with the tradition U pin connections securing the two halves. The lure was made to make a life like wiggling motion in the water complete with fluted, rear flasher fin, sometimes found in gold, bringing up the rear. 

You’ll Notice a variation in Wiggle Fish over the years, in size, shape and even hook size. The first example shown is an early version which can be differentiated by this longer slimmer body sections and if you ll notice the front treble hook, the shaft of the treble is longer than on the later version in the gallery. The featured lure in this gallery also has broad stroke hand painted gill marks.

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Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow

Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow

The Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow, was only ever cataloged in 1911. This was the smaller of the Swimming Minnows. This antique lure made by James Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan was another in the part of a marketing series called “It Swims” or focusing on how the lure swims. The intro boxes for it’s big brother came in around 1909/1910 used the same verbiage. This wooden glass eyed antique lure measure 2 5/8″ in length with a single belly weight. The Heddon 800 Series Swimming Minnow only ever had a single treble hook hanging from the rear screw eye.


Heddon Swimming Minnow Ad Heddon Swimming Minnow Ad

The above ad is actually shows the 900 Swimming Minnow but highlights the multi-model benefit.

The New Dowagiac Minnow Actually Dives and Swims

This is the most successful and ingenious bait ever devised for taking Bass, Pike, Pickerel, and other game fishes. It’s a combination floating and sinking bait. It’s easy to cast and can be landed in just the right spot. It remains on the surface of the water until it’s reeled in. Then it dives and comes in at an average depth of two feet under the surface. The lure does not sink into the weeds.

This feature is a great advantage to beginners who cannot recover the lure quickly. When trolled or reeled at an ordinary speed […]

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Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad

Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad

This Chapman Combination Minnow Lure Ad is out of Forrest and Stream from January 25th, 1885.

Chapman’s Bait Still Ahead

The “New Combination,” Just Out. See Cut

In Three Sizes for Pike, Pickerel, Bass, Trout & Muskellunge

Read the Testimonials:

W.D. Chapman and Son, Theresa, New York: As an old fisherman who has used your baits for the past twenty five years, allow me to congratulate you on the success of your New Combination Bait for Trout, Muskellunge, and Bass. It is very attractive, as the record of catches in Wisconsin last fall will show. I consider it the best bait in its different sizes made, and predict for it the largest sale of Any Bait Ever Made.  

Yours Truly, A.G. Ryther

W.D. Chapman and Son, Theresa, New York: I take pleasure to testifying to the great merits of your New Combination Muskellunge Bait. I gave them a good trial the first of last November and caught 13 Muskellunges in two and a half days fishing, without the loss of a fish, and two of the thirteen weighed over twenty pounds each. You will have a large demand for these baits, sportsman must have them. 

Yours Truly, John S. George

To Produce These Baits at once we will send by mail upon receipt of price: 

No. 1 For Salmon, Trout and Muskellunge $1.50

No. 2 For Pickerel, Pike Bass and […]

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