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Pflueger Maybug Spinner Lure

Pflueger May Bug Lure

The Pflueger May Bug Lure was introduced in the late 1880’s. The May Bug is one of the early quintessential Pflueger, or Enterprise Manufacturing Company Lure made in Akron Ohio.  The lure was produced for around 3 decades or thirty years until 1916. The May Bug was made to be fished or “Skittered” across the water. The Ad below touts that “The body is separated from the wings, gives life-like action to the bait when drawn through the water.”

The Pflueger May Bug was only made in one size, and measures roughly less than two inches in length. And although being made in only one size, this antique fishing lure was made in two different models. Such as many of the 19th Century Pflueger produced, they offered the May Bug both a Luminous and a Non Luminous version. The Luminous version is a model series number 975 and the Non-Luminous a series number 976.  The May Bug is beautifully painted, its wings an emerald shade of green, and spotted  abdomen and painted black eyes. The thorax is a black striped red, and its its legs and feet black as well. The underside of the lure can be found in two flavors. The Non Luminous is primarily painted in red and the Luminous as shown below in the gallery has both the luminous and red paint to attract the fish from below.

As were many of the early Pflueger […]

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