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Moonlight Single Hook Pikaroon Lure

Moonlight Single Hook Pikaroon Lure

The Moonlight Single Hook Pikaroon Lure was first seen around 1923. The Moonlight Bait Company of Paw Paw Michigan gave this model a series number 2500. By far and away one of the cooler and my favorite Moonlight lures. This wooden antique fishing lure measures 4 1/4″ in length. This slender and sleek looking lure feature two forward facing glass eyes. At the front of the eyes in the center of the pointed nose is the single forward line tie. This lure was made for large wall eye lures or the great northern pike.

This antique lures most eye catching quality is it has a long single hook attached to the belly of the lure and at the tail. The lure is held to the body with a screw and on the aft end of the lure there is a modified hollowed out barrel swivel to allow some but not much movement laterally.

The lure was cataloged in six different color versions

2501 Red Head Gold Body
2503 Green Scale
2504 Red Body White Head
2507 Gold Scale
2508 Blue Scale
2509 Yellow Perch

Moonlight Single Hook Pikaroon Lure Photo Gallery

Moonlight Single Hook Pikaroon Lure Catalog Page

A Sportsmans single hook lure, made especially for the Ike Walton’s. Great for Walleye Pike, Great Northern Pike and Pickerel. The No. 7 Hook fastens to the body by a loose sliding […]

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Kimmich Mouse Antique Lure

Kimmich Mouse Antique Lure

The Kimmich Mouse Antique Lure was first introduced in 1929. This antique fishing lure invented by Harry Kimmich of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Harry (John) Kimmich was not a lure inventor full-time. He owned a tire shop downtown, the “Kimmich Tire Shop.” We see this with a lot of miscellaneous lure makers, while it was in their heart and in their work, it just was hard to make a long time income out of it. Such is the story of many artisans and was also of the Kimmich mouse, as it wouldn’t be around very long, less than a decade.

The Kimmich Special Mouse lure has a wooden head and beaded glass eyes. The back half of the lure was a stacked or died hair as shown with both examples. There was even a version of the mouse that was a hairless wooden mouse lure. The lure had one treble hook attached at the center of the body using a screw eye hanger and the rear hanging from the rear of the bait.  The Kimmich Mouse had a forward line tie and a diving lip.

The Kimmich examples below are both shown in their respective boxes. The lure and box combos are accompanied by the corresponding paperwork stating the feature function and benefits of use of the Kimmich Special Mouse. On one long end flap the box states, “A Mouse Bucktail Bait with real Motion. The Big Fellows Just Cant […]

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Creek Chub Husky Dingbat Lure

Creek Chub Husky Dingbat Lure

The Creek Chub Husky Dingbat Lure was first produced in 1938 and only lasted 8 years and was out of production by 1946. Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana assigned it a model number 5300. This is the largest of the Creek Chub Dingbats and measures 2 1/2″ in length with just its wooden body. It in whats termed “The Hair Bait” family and when measuring the standard factory installed tufts of hair the lure reaches 4″ in length. This glass eyed antique fishing lure 1 1/8 oz. and is a pretty stout lure almost hockey puck size. The lure is made with a heavy duty wire through construction, as were many of the antique lures made to secure large game fish such as Northern Pike, and Musky. The lure has two larger treble hooks secure with the reinforced methods.

The Creek Chub Husky Dingbat Lure came standard in seven color palate finishes. The fine example is shown in its correct end labeled box marked 5301. I have seen both the long over sized box  shown below, and the taller box house this lure.

00 Pike Scale (Shown in the Gallery)
01 Perch
02 Red and White
04 Golden Shiner
13 All Black
18 Silver Flash
19 Frog

Creek Chub Husky Dingbat Lure Photo Gallery

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