Sunday Sounds April Edition

Sunday Sounds April Edition On a rainy Sunday morning strolling through FB and Ebay with a cup of coffee in hand I came across a post of a Frog Spot Jamison Coaxer lure for sale, and if there is one thing that goes with Jamison in my head, its my buddy Joe. Jamison Coaxer [...]

NFLCC Magazine Article Index 1992

NFLCC Magazine Article Index 1992 This  NFLCC Magazine Article Index 1992 contain the below Mentioned Articles.  March 1992 Volume 2 Issue Number 1 Cover Photo includes lures such as the Heddon Slope Nose in the Box, Radiant in the box, Pflueger Surprise and Neverfail Minnows and a host of others. From the Editor by Dudley Murphy In the Beginning Part 3 The [...]

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