Heddon Basser Antique Lure

Heddon Basser Antique Lure The Heddon Basser Antique Lure was first introduced in 1922. The great wooden Heddon of Dowagiac Michigan lure was in the Heddon lure line up for over three decades. The Basser lure was given a series model 8500. This glass eyed fishing lure was 4 1/4" in length and traditionally came [...]

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Sunday Sounds April Edition

Sunday Sounds April Edition On a rainy Sunday morning strolling through FB and Ebay with a cup of coffee in hand I came across a post of a Frog Spot Jamison Coaxer lure for sale, and if there is one thing that goes with Jamison in my head, its my buddy Joe. Jamison Coaxer [...]

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NFLCC Magazine Article Index 1992

NFLCC Magazine Article Index 1992 This  NFLCC Magazine Article Index 1992 contain the below Mentioned Articles.  March 1992 Volume 2 Issue Number 1 Cover Photo includes lures such as the Heddon Slope Nose in the Box, Radiant in the box, Pflueger Surprise and Neverfail Minnows and a host of others. From the Editor by Dudley Murphy In the Beginning Part 3 The [...]

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